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Payment System

Commission Type : Pay-Per-Sale 40% for each sale you deliver.

Payout Requirements : $100.00 USD - Minimum balance required for payout.

Payout Duration : Payments are made once per month, for the previous month.

Welcome ,Guest!

Welcome To PRnob Affiliate Program

Do you want to make some extra Money? Then this is for you , and it is very easy to get started, just sign up and copy your unique affiliate URL and past it on your website , blog , Email , etc. You can easily monitoring your click ,visitors etc by our software , when a user click on your affiliate link and buy any paid package , we will pay you 40% commission and we are paying more than others. Login your account anytime, anywhere and check your activities, click, balance, performance.


How does it work?

Become an affiliate , first you have to sign up , then just copy your unique affiliate URL and share it with everywhere , when someone click your link and submit a paid news , you will get 40% commission of each sales.

How quickly can I get started?

It is very fast and easy way, just sign up and share links, refer your friends by your link and relax.<

How much Money can I make?

Really it is limitless , we paid 40% commission of each sale ,so the harder you work to promote us ,the better chances you have of making money , so Try your best.

How do I get paid?

It’s a vital question, yes, we have two options , one is very popular payment way “ PayPal” and another one is skrill ( Moneybookers).Please add your PayPal email address correctly ,when you sign up you will get an option to set up your paypal account.

Can I Earn Commissions from My Own Purchases?

No, Not at all , we don’t pay on your own purchase , so please don’t waste your time , because , we can easily identify fraud people by our software , if you want to use any illegal way to make money by our affiliate program , we will delete you without any notice or will suspend your payment account. Join our affiliate program and start earning money by each of your sale and we are always happy to pay those who promote our products.