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Art Press Release - Aug 18, 2015

Motivational Speaker Shawn Anderson to Inspire 3,000 at Philippine Summit

Presidential Candidates Highlighted Speakers.

Business Press Release - Aug 18, 2015

Elan Fine Jewelry Provides Custom Jewelry That Fits Your Needs

Elan Fine Jewelry provides unique and beautiful styles in jewelry pieces. The custom designs are created by respected designers who are recruited by the firm.

Travel Press Release - Aug 18, 2015

Visit Enchanting Vacation Destinations on Economical Travel Packages

Getting a chance to visit a dream holiday destination is something which most people wish for. But, the accommodation and flight costs in reality are often above their traveling budgets.

Home Press Release - Aug 18, 2015

HRS4Pets Introduces The Revolutionary Pet Tick Remover On Amazon

HRS4Pets launches the no.1 pet tick remover, in an attempt to eradicate many dangerous diseases spread by dogs and ticks. The novel tick remover is affordable, durable and is an excellent tool to avoid pet anxiety.

Business Press Release - Aug 18, 2015

IBMC College to Students Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Students will volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in Cheyenne, WY

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

FXWARE Introduces Premium Quality Customized Gaming PCs.

Gaming PCs. Brought from FXWARE are of premium quality as the hardware components are procured from the best suppliers. Also, they are custom computers which are quite affordable.

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

The Economic Times announces the 2nd Annual Fraud & Investigation Summit on 20thAugust 2015

The Economic Times believes that with increase in globalization there is an absolute need of transparent business practices and zero tolerance to fraud and misconduct are major concerns for organization that are investing and doing business in India.

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

Chippy’s Series of Books Destined to Become Instant Hit in USA and Abroad

Chippy series of books by the author Stacey Blake are all set to gain immense popularity not only in the US but throughout the world because of the excellent portrayal of the characters.

Technology Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

Mobile Number Authentication for your Website or App

Mobile Number Authentication for your Website or App. Verify mobile numbers with a few lines of code.

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

Itiltestsguide Presents Tests and Guides Helps To Qualify in ITIL Exams

ITIL Tests and Guides is a ITIL Test cracking and preparation solution providing company. The company is offering exciting deals regarding the preparation on its website.

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

A Complete Collection of Graceful Personalized Jewelries Are Now Available at Getnamenecklace

Getnamenecklace is a Hong Kong based jewelry manufacturing company. The company is offering affordable personalized and engraved mens rings.

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

Visa-Vietnam Introduces Frequently Member Program to Save More on Travel Visa, the most reputed travel agents in Vietnam has designed frequently member program to offer cheaper price and faster service for frequently visa user members. They also provide exclusive discounts to make travel hassle free.

Software Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

A New Version Release for SynciOS Compatible with iOS 9 and Windows 10

SynciOS is a free alternative to iTunes, it offers ultimate data transfer solution between PC and iDevices.

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

Olilldress A Unique Online Fashion Clothing Store Has Come Up with Trendy Clothes at Best Price

People looking to buy best quality clothes at affordable price would be glad to buy online fashion clothing store Olilldress. It explains what the store has to offer and is a brief description about the clothing.

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

Tran Realty Offers the Quickest MLS Listing Solutions to Get the Highest Response Rate in Houston

Tran Realty is a broker firm that offers a wide range of MLS listing services to its customers in Houston, Texas at very competitive $399 rate to gain highest results.

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

IBMC College Hires Adjunct Personal Fitness Training Instructor in Colorado Springs

IBMC College has hired an Adjunct Personal Fitness Training Instructor.

Travel Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

World's First Self-Standing Dolly Style Foldable Motorized Scooter is Hot Topic on Kickstarter

The Glion Model 100 Foldable Electric Scooter was already a great success, but now an updated version has been introduced to Kickstarter’s crowdfunding site that can be folded up and easily rolled like a roller bag suitcase.

Business Press Release - Aug 17, 2015

UK Pavilion at Bauma Conexpo Africa SOLD OUT

BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA takes place at the Johannesburg Expo Centre from September 15 to 18.

Business Press Release - Aug 16, 2015

Hygienist Fry Introduces Best Mold Testing & Removal for Makati, Forbes Park, and Global City

Divine Fry now offers advanced and thorough mold inspection, testing, removal, and remediation services for single family homes and mansions, condominiums, workplaces, offices, and commercial buildings in Makati.

Business Press Release - Aug 16, 2015

Urban Elites’ Option: Fosjoas New Self-Balancing Scooter U3

Fosjoas self-balancing scooter U3 is a brand new product rolled out by Mebon Global Inc. on its 2015 New Product Release Conference. It aims to provide urban elites with a green and intelligent vehicle. As a high-end scooter, U3 brings together the essence of Fosjoas industrial designers all over the world.

Health Press Release - Aug 16, 2015

Discover Yoga Lessons from Yoga Master Amrit Desai to Bring Off the Mat and into Work Life

Yoga is a way by which one can reduce many negative things in life. Gurudev Amrit Desai’s Sun Salute Yoga class is very helpful for individuals and corporations employees for reducing stress, depression and more to attain higher consciousness in life.

Business Press Release - Aug 16, 2015

JayceesGallerie Presents High Quality and Thicker BBQ Grill Mats at Affordable Price

People looking for best quality grill mats, more durable and non sticky one should be glad to buy from, produced by JayceesGallerie.

Business Press Release - Aug 16, 2015

Clean Coal Breakthrough-Allows Power Companies to Meet Obamas New Tough Coal-Power Mandate

In an effort to save the environment the Obama administration has yet again tried to choke the coal industry, this time with an introduction of a plan which calls for up to 30% cutbacks in coal emissions.

Business Press Release - Aug 15, 2015

EnviroFry Removed Big Raccoon Poop Infestation From Ohio Home, Reports Enviro Hygienist Phillip Fry

Certified Environmental Hygienist Phillip Fry reports that EnviroFry Upkeep Masters, LLC, found and removed massive amounts of raccoon feces above the ceilings and in the roof overhangs of a client home in Painesville, Ohio, in mid-August, 2015.

Business Press Release - Aug 15, 2015

Cloud Storage Mentor a Best Source of Online Cloud Storage Information

Cloud storage is great for storing files and documents. People are using it around the world. Users who want to know more about online cloud storage can get from

Business Press Release - Aug 15, 2015

CodesPaySafeCard Shares Detailed Overview & Benefits of Using Paysafecard

The online payment is very simple and fast as if using cash.

Health Press Release - Aug 15, 2015

PhenQ Review-The Power of Phentermine In Fast-Acting Weight Loss Management

PhenQ is a superior slimming dietary health product that embodies highest percentage of phentermine substance together with other seriously selected natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals for supreme health.

Shopping Press Release - Aug 15, 2015

Sewing Machine Finder Publishes Review of the Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

The Sewing Machine Finder published a review of the Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine.

Business Press Release - Aug 15, 2015

5-Star Rating Reviews of Classic Home Improvements on Guild Quality

Guild Quality, an independent contractor review site, recognizes Classic Home Improvements in San Diego.

Business Press Release - Aug 14, 2015

Battling The Foreclosure Crisis in California

When we buy houses California becomes a more viable housing market as home values in any given neighborhood littered with ’for sale’ signs increase as more homes are sold.

Shopping Press Release - Aug 14, 2015

This 15th August Iraya’s celebrates the beauty of freedom!

Nagpur - 15th of August Independence day is right around the corner and everyone is looking for a long weekend holiday which is when online shopping is at its peak.

Business Press Release - Aug 14, 2015

Chainsaw Expert Brings Insightful Chainsaw reviews

Chainsaw Expert is an online portal that has come up with insightful reviews on various chainsaws available in the market, thereby enabling the customers to buy the best chainsaw for them.

Travel Press Release - Aug 14, 2015

GHM Guides Couples Toward Sublime Wedding Destinations

SINGAPORE - After orchestrating countless weddings in some of the world’s most exotic destinations over the past two decades,

Technology Press Release - Aug 14, 2015

Gate To China-Opening Gates For High Tech Holders Round the Globe

Hebei Provincial Government wants to provide an End-To-End Business Platform for foreign companies wishing to develop business relationship in China. Therefore, it is holding a conference this October.

Business Press Release - Aug 14, 2015

Revitalize Skin and Keep it Young with TuffBear's Vitamin C Serum offers solutions to get rid of those wrinkles and dark circles.

Home Press Release - Aug 13, 2015

Discover New Homes at The Strand - Now Open in San Rafael at Loch Lomond Marina

A new luxury community of one- and two-story homes and townhomes is now open in the heart of Marin. The Strand presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy carefree waterfront living.

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