Art Press Release - Oct 31, 2014

Alex Liccione Look and Be Inspired and Touched with the Grandeur and Stories of Alexander Licciones Artworks

I was intrigued and captivated the first time I laid my eyes on Master Artist and Painter Alex Liccione's Artworks.

Art Press Release - Oct 30, 2014

Universal Studios Helps Celebrate Macabre Theatres National Syndication

Executive producer Natalie Popovich enters into national distribution deal for ‘Macabre Theatre’ wherein she plays the iconic character of the charming 21st century ghoul, Ivonna Cadaver alongside with Butch Patrick -aka Eddie Munster.

Art Press Release - Oct 29, 2014

Welcome to James Licciones Extraordinary and Unique World

From 11-foot tall gates to small furniture with unique and extraordinary designs, metals bended and intertwined in ways and designs you have never seen before, these are the works of the master artist/sculptor, James Liccione.

Art Press Release - Oct 29, 2014

Explore Life and People with Alexander Licciones Artworks

If you travel through the works of Master Artist and Painter Alex Liccione, all that is waiting for you is being amazed and inspired.

Art Press Release - Oct 28, 2014

C Evenfall Participates in Virtual Book Tour With The Guardians Ebook

C. Evenfall’s recently released eBook The Guardians will be part of a virtual book tour from November 10 to November 17, 2014.

Art Press Release - Oct 28, 2014

ABC 13 Stretch Your Dollar Featured-The 2015 Entertainment Coupon Book with Bruce Johnson

The 2015 Entertainment Coupon Book, presented by Bruce Johnson and the 1000 Men Empowerment Group, will be for sale at the Women’s Health & Fitness Expo 2014 this Saturday!

Art Press Release - Oct 24, 2014

C Evenfalls Novellas to be Featured at Bewitching Book Tours

C. Evenfall’s recently released eBooks Sensitives and The Guardians will each be part of a weeklong virtual book tour.

Art Press Release - Oct 24, 2014

Stay Up to Date with Author Marc Hirsch on Facebook

Small press publisher, Books, Authors and Artists’ newest author Marc Hirsch has an active Facebook page where he stays in touch with his readers.

Art Press Release - Oct 17, 2014

Inspiration Novel Reaches 1 In Supernatural Romance Thriller Genre

Greg Sandora's “Gabby, Angel of God” helps readers find peace with their own loss of a loved one

Art Press Release - Oct 14, 2014

SNAC-expo Online Voting Ends October 13 2014

Voting for the latest contest by SNAC-expo for Israeli artists began on September 16, 2014, and will close on Monday, October 13, 2014.

Art Press Release - Oct 12, 2014

How to Save My Marriage When She Doesn't Want To

How to save my marriage when she doesn’t want to is a difficult task because women hardly change their mind once they have decided to go for divorce.

Art Press Release - Oct 10, 2014

Artwork Brings The Beholder Into

I’m watching Caryl Westergren’s painting of a giraffe as its watching me, and I think we are both wondering what we both are thinking.

Art Press Release - Oct 02, 2014

Publisher Books, Authors and Artists Signs Author Marc Hirsch

Marc Hirsch, author of The Case, was signed by publisher Books, Authors, and Artists (BAA).

Art Press Release - Oct 01, 2014

VAM Art Inc participates in Gallery Walk Metuchen 2014

VAM Art, Inc., 15 Station Place, Metuchen, NJ USA is participating in the 2014 GALLERY WALK event on October 5, 2014 in Metuchen, NJ USA. VAM Art Inc. is an art promotion group, active in the field of global Fine Art promotion inclusive of new media

Art Press Release - Sep 30, 2014

1-800-411-PAINs Original Battle of the Bands Presented By Kanner and Pintaluga PA

1-800-411-PAIN's Original Battle of the Bands, Presented By Kanner & Pintaluga, P.A. is taking place at the Mercer University stadium on Saturday, October 4th!

Art Press Release - Sep 27, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe Reveals to Psychic the Truth Beyond the Grave Forevermore

Always reluctant to be known as a psychic, Kristy Robinett always had helpers in spirit but is shocked when, at the age of thirteen, literary genius and madman Edgar Allan Poe introduces himself to her as an unlikely spirit guide.

Art Press Release - Sep 24, 2014

More Men are Becoming Socially Awkward without Social Skills

Men in modern society lacking the necessity of being able to interact with others are better off being an endangered species.

Art Press Release - Sep 24, 2014

Asart provides genuine Asian arts

Asart provides genuine Asian arts to appreciators in Europe. It is an arts sourcing company that specialises in introducing Asian arts to the western world.

Art Press Release - Sep 19, 2014

AreaTrend Expands Selection of Designer Footwear, a popular online fashion accessory retailer, has seen considerable growth in demand for products in their designer footwear catalog.

Art Press Release - Sep 18, 2014

Poet Sandradene Walters Releases The Passages of Love

Blue Artists announces the publication of the latest book by Sandradene Walters, The Passages of Love.

Art Press Release - Sep 16, 2014

Celebrity Wedding Designer Diann Valentine Announces Five-city Hennessy Bridal Tour

Celebrity wedding designer, Diann Valentine, unveils a U.S. promotional tour for the Diann Valentine Signature Bridal Cuff.

Art Press Release - Sep 15, 2014

Books-Authors and Artists Signs New Author Astrid Nicholls

Astrid Nicholls, co-author of the children’s book Wings for a Fairy, was signed by Books, Authors, and Artists (BAA) on September 12, 2014.

Art Press Release - Sep 12, 2014

Karl F Hollenbach Receives Honorable Mention in Awards

Karl F. Hollenbach’s Scrooge and Marley was both an Award Finalist and an Honorable Mention in the Readers’ Favorite Awards of 2014.

Art Press Release - Sep 09, 2014

Karl F-Hollenbachs World War II Memoir Released

Award-winning author Karl F. Hollenbach’s latest title has been officially released by publisher Books, Authors And Artists (BAA).

Art Press Release - Aug 25, 2014

Fresh Publishing Announces Switch in Service Offerings

The UK-based publisher will now concentrate in helping authors produce the best books possible and reach out to their audience.

Art Press Release - Aug 22, 2014

Descendant of Aphrodite is a new project at Kickstarter

Descendants of Aphrodite is a book inspired by Greek mythology and written by Lyzeth Inurrigarro. It a new project created by Miriam Herrera at crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

Art Press Release - Aug 21, 2014

Graphic Novel Celebrates The Life Of A Lost Friend

Illustrator Cathryn Raia is creating a full-color book of comics that captures the stories and experiences of Isaac Zafft.

Art Press Release - Aug 21, 2014

Preview of Karl F Hollenbachs Latest Book On CreateSpace

Karl F. Hollenbach’s new World War II memoir preview of H-0945, is now available through the CreateSpace’s online preview system.

Art Press Release - Aug 20, 2014

Publisher Chosen as Partner For Autism Support Group

Books, Authors, and Artists (BAA) was officially named by Autistic Authors as their publishing partner for their online course.

Art Press Release - Aug 20, 2014

VAM Art Inc Organizes Convergence 2014–An Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Indian Art

VAM Art Inc. is organizing an Exhibition of modern and contemporary Indian Artists at Trivandrum, India. The show, titled Convergence-2014, includes the works of 30 prominent Indian artists that display different modes and styles of expressions. VAM

Art Press Release - Aug 17, 2014

Broken by Tanille Attracting Worldwide Readers

Broken, an intensifying love story written by the famous singer- songwriter, recording artist and novelist, Tanille is attracting millions from all over the world.

Art Press Release - Aug 12, 2014

For Arts Sake offers artwork pieces and framing services

For Arts Sake specializes in full range British printmaking services. It offers quality strong artwork and framing services. It was established in 1978 and caters to the need of retailers, government organizations and corporate clients.

Art Press Release - Aug 11, 2014

Artisoo provides elegant paintings for all kinds of room and events

Artisoo is an enterprise that deals exclusively with creation and sales of original and imitative paintings. It supplies throughout the world.

Art Press Release - Aug 07, 2014

ArtistOO provides elegant paintings for all kinds of room and events

ArtistOO is an enterprise that deals exclusively with creation and sales of original and imitative paintings. It supplies throughout the world.

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