Kids Press Release - Apr 20, 2015

Generation Heroes Hosting Happy Hour at Nickel & Rye

Purchases of American Born Moonshine Will Benefit Heroes for Children

Kids Press Release - Apr 06, 2015

The Tiny Hands Foundation has announced they will donate hundreds of new Teddy Bears to the Bradenton Police Department

Since 2001 the Tiny Hands Foundation, founded by Sarasota businessman and philanthropist, Rod Khleif, along with the assistance of hundreds of community friends, donors, sponsors, and volunteers has led charitable initiatives benefiting over 30,000 u

Kids Press Release - Apr 02, 2015

Pink Blue India Launches 2015 Summer Collection of Kids and Baby Clothes in India

Have a look at the trendiest and most beautiful collection of 2015 summer clothing for kids at Pink Blue India. Shop online colorful, fashionable designer dresses for baby boys and girls at best prices from anywhere in India for the season.

Kids Press Release - Feb 21, 2015

Pink Blue India Launches New and Latest Collection of Baby Fashion Accessories in India

Have a look at the most fashionable and trendiest collection of hair and clothing accessories for kids in India at PinkBlueIndiacom. Shop online hair clips, headbands, caps, shoes, socks, bags, jewelry, gloves, sunglasses, shower caps for children.

Kids Press Release - Feb 17, 2015

Dallas Independent School District Endorses Tacky Box

The Campaign for Kindness begins NOW

Kids Press Release - Feb 12, 2015

OMG Tackronyms Are Taking Over Our Kids Phones

This May Be News to Parents, But Not to the Kids

Kids Press Release - Jan 30, 2015

The Icelandic Kids Inspiration-Disa The Dream Digger Published In US

A book that teaches a child to dream big and have faith in oneself

Kids Press Release - Jan 29, 2015

Juniors Read Preparing to Launch Book Series Dedicated to Empowering Black Girls

Juniors Read launched their company and is preparing to launch a book series dedicated to empowering young black girls aged 2-9 years old through love, literacy and culture.

Kids Press Release - Jan 29, 2015

Kindle Edition of a New Childrens Book Is Now Available on Amazon for FREE from 27 Jan to 29 Jan 2015

Author Michal Sasson has created a new children's book, titled "The Fudges - Who Hopped In My Swamp?" Illustrated by Abira Das, the book is now available for free on Amazon between 27th and 29th January, 2015.

Kids Press Release - Jan 27, 2015

Kindle Edition of a New Childrens Book Is Now Available on Amazon

Author Michal Sasson has created a new children's book, titled "The Fudges - Who Hopped In My Swamp?" Illustrated by Abira Das, the book is now available on Amazon.

Kids Press Release - Jan 20, 2015

HiFiKiddo Launches Kid-friendly Family-oriented Social Networking Site

Free, Interactive and Safe Platform is Reinventing the Way Children and Families Connect Online.

Kids Press Release - Dec 16, 2014

Hurry Up-Buy Lego Duplo and Juniors at Low Prices with Toy Plaza Sale

Lego is a well known line of construction toys. It is used in many forms for cultural works, films, artwork and including books. Some schools also use there as a teaching tools. Toy Plaza provides the customers various models and designs such as Lego

Kids Press Release - Dec 08, 2014

Auto Passenger Seat Storage Organizer Officially Released By Freddie and Sebbie On Amazon

Nevada based accessory firm "Freddie and Sebbie" has recently announced the launch of their most recent product on

Kids Press Release - Nov 29, 2014

Toy Recalls Emerge As Christmas Draws Closer

With Christmas round the corner, numerous brand name companies are having to recall a number of toys that have just been considered harmful for children.

Kids Press Release - Nov 13, 2014

SNOT Free Baby Nasal Aspirator Turns One Year Selling On Amazon

Since one year selling on Amazon SNOT~Free® Nasal Aspirator takes a look at the bright future!

Kids Press Release - Nov 08, 2014

Surprise Announced For Toy Story Fans This Christmas

Toy Story - Hollywood's most famous toys are once again returning to our TELEVISION screens this Christmas as recently announced by media giant ABC.

Kids Press Release - Nov 01, 2014

Mommies Go Nuts Over New Design Stroller Organizer

Nevada based accessory business "Freddie and Sebbie" nail it to produce an item that modern stroller mommies had actually been crying out for.

Kids Press Release - Oct 01, 2014

Top Christmas Toys Disney Frozen Elsa Doll is a website that offers reviews, information and tips on toys for toddlers, boys and girls. It focuses on providing information of the latest toy products available for the kids.

Kids Press Release - Sep 27, 2014

Why Young Kids Should Be Seated In Rear Facing Safety Seats Longer

The American Academy of Pediatrics have actually been recommending parents to keep young children in rear-facing safety seats until age 2 or til they surpass the car seat's height or weight limit for over three years now, but numerous moms and dads s

Kids Press Release - Sep 10, 2014

Kick Mats Play Major Role In Reducing Parents Interior Car Cleaning Costs

With time being so priceless for numerous parents today, when it comes to interior car washes, it would appear that prevention is much less costly, and a lot more effective.

Kids Press Release - Sep 05, 2014

How One Car Seat Protector Managed Scores Of Ratings On Amazon

Keeping a car clean can be a never ending battle in times where time is something there just isn't quite enough of during the day, however when a car is equipped with a few clever devices.

Kids Press Release - Sep 05, 2014

Luxury Outdoor Picnic Blanket By Freddie And Sebbie Size Means Everything In Some Cases

They say size isn't everything, but there is one celebration when size implies everything, which is out on a picnic in the park, when the need for a big outdoor blanket to lay down on calls.

Kids Press Release - Sep 04, 2014

A Deluxe Backseat Organizer Guaranteed To Keep Cars Clean And Tidy

Keeping kids quiet in the back of the car can be a headache for the majority of moms and dads, though the task of keeping children quite can be helped by keeping them busy, whether it be playing, reading, writing or eating.

Kids Press Release - Sep 04, 2014

Freddie And Sebbie Come To Parents Rescue With Extra Large Car Trash Bin

Nevada based business "Freddie and Sebbie" have introduced their most current car accessory, The Deluxe Extra Large Car Trash Bin.....

Kids Press Release - Aug 19, 2014

Dangers Of Unprotected Children Getting Sunburned Exposed

Over 25 % of moms and dads actually admit to allowing their kids to get sunburned while on vacation ... with 8 Percent.

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