Society Press Release - Jun 20, 2016

UK Memorial Service Provide 100 Free Letters On Headstones

The long serving memorial masons design and create distinguished headstones designed to stand for many years

Society Press Release - Jun 20, 2016

Reviews of Best Over 50 Dating Sites Now Released Online for The Benefit of Over 50 Single

The website presents the reviews of the best dating sites meant for the over 50 singles, allowing them to add love, happiness and excitement in their lives, once again.

Society Press Release - Jun 14, 2016

Who is Managing Mrs. Hillary Clinton? Reposting This News You Can Help to Improve The Worl

Momentous news for publication, for TV news. You can make the news, using this press release, you can repost press release on news web sites, in social media web sites.

Society Press Release - Jun 01, 2016

Royal Dates-One Hot Date That Is Hard To Forget

With all the new lifestyle trends that are popping up everywhere, one food item remains consistent in every healthy household throughout the sands of time.

Society Press Release - Feb 23, 2016

Prevent Cyber Copying In San Jose

Cyber crimes are on a rapid increase nationwide in US. Living in San Jose, a highly metropolitan city, there is a definite need to handle your keys in properly secure manner.

Society Press Release - Jan 15, 2016

Maintaining The Highest Standards In Memorial Creation And Fitting

UK Memorial Service ensure their work is designed and fitted to withstand harsh and adverse weather conditions

Society Press Release - Jan 12, 2016

Law Office Of Rick Koenig In Sedalia MO, Offers Car Injury Victims Legal Help

The Law Office of Rick Koenig provides his extensive knowledge and experience base to clients who have injuries due to car wrecks. Every part of the case is handled with the best of communication.

Society Press Release - Jan 08, 2016

Startup Nonprofit Bridges Divergent Industries through Novel Tattoo Design Competition

‘Inked for Peace’ Now Accepting Submissions of Tattoo Designs Aimed at Ending Societal Issues.

Society Press Release - Dec 19, 2015

Galesburg Illinois Hospice Holds Special Holiday Event At Skilled Nursing Facility

Harbor Light Hospice staff located in Galesburg, Illinois help residents at a skilled nursing facility celebrate the holiday with special event

Society Press Release - Dec 18, 2015

Akron Ohio Hospice Acknowledges Lost Loved Ones With Special Holiday Event

Harbor Light Hospice on Akron, Ohio holds special holiday event for the purpose of remembering lost loved ones who passed while in hospice.

Society Press Release - Nov 02, 2015

Overcoming The Rising Costs Of Funerals In The United Kingdom Today

UK Memorial Service are dedicated to ensuring dignified, enduring memorials are accessible and affordable to all

Society Press Release - Oct 29, 2015

Sositar Mould Specializes In Manufacturing Automotive Mold

Sositar Mould is a China based professional automotive mold manufacturer with 15 years of experience in this field.

Society Press Release - Oct 23, 2015

Rhett May Offers Listeners An Edgy, Intelligent Brand of Music Reminiscent

From one moment to the next, the latest album from Rhett May titled Fast Cars and Sitars keeps listeners hooked with a catalog of diverse songs. Featuring instruments and arrangements from both India and Australia.

Society Press Release - Oct 23, 2015

Soni Shalini Launches her First Book ‘Wise Up’

With her maiden book launch Wise Up, author Soni Shalini explains how everyone can turn their life challenges into opportunities.

Society Press Release - Oct 19, 2015

Agarwal Matrimonials A New Platform for Matchmaking

The concept of matrimonial sites is wildly popular now as more than half of the marriageable youth are using these sites as a tool to finding their partner for matrimony.

Society Press Release - Oct 08, 2015

Redemption For Coal-New Technology Offers Hope by Reducing Coal Consumption

With the recent investigations involving coal it has become imperative to find methods to clear its name. Coal is not yet able to be discarded as an energy source, with no other alternatives that are viable as a substitute replacement.

Society Press Release - Oct 05, 2015

Fundamental Failings See UK Funeral Costs Rise During 2015

UK Memorial Service are dedicated to creating high quality memorials for realistic and sensitive prices

Society Press Release - Sep 24, 2015

Bluewind Beauty Introduces Special Offer on their Cosmetics Brushes, Cosmetic Puff & Blend

Regular customers of Bluewind Beauty Ltd. can now win free gifts after leaving a comment on their product page. The gift will be sent while placing a new order for Cosmetics Brushes, Cosmetic Puffs, Blending Sponge or any other product.

Society Press Release - Sep 14, 2015

Avoiding The Need To Remove Or Replace Memorial Gravestones

UK Memorial Service offer the safe, assured and guaranteed placing and fixing of headstones across Great Britain

Society Press Release - Aug 07, 2015

GoFundMe 'Back To Life' campaign announced by individual whose sister marked another humans life.

Unique, yet saddening GoFundMe "Back To Life" campaign announced by individual whose sister marked another humans life. Campaign starter gives up own family to help victim who was marked by his own family.

Society Press Release - Aug 05, 2015

Remember Me This Way - The Significance Of Gravestone Inscriptions

UK Memorial Service are committed to ensuring clear and perfect inscriptions are placed on the gravestones they create

Society Press Release - Aug 04, 2015

What People Have Done for Waste Foam Recycling All over the World

Foam recycling and Styrofoam recycling.

Society Press Release - Jun 30, 2015

Std-meet Dot com Launches Its Mobile Site claims to be a front runner in Std dating segment. The website offers a wide variety of services which would make the users stick to them and not jump off the wagon to move to their competitors

Society Press Release - Jun 24, 2015

Mold Expert Fry Urges Testing for Hidden Mold in 4 Locations in Michigan Homes and Workplaces

Phillip Fry advocates mold inspection, testing, and removal in any Michigan home or workplace, in which any of the residents or employees are suffering from health problems such as chronic sinus problems, headaches, memory and and skin rashes.

Society Press Release - Jun 10, 2015

Wristband Center Is The First Choice In Customized Wristbands

The Wristband Center, a US based company, is the premier choice when it comes to providing customized Tyvek and Silicone Wristbands.

Society Press Release - Jun 08, 2015

Mckinney Texas-Police Brutality is Not Acceptable, Need A Full Investigation

Given the unprecedented police brutality, we have to stand up firmly and say no to this. No American needs to live in fear or apprehension of the other. Police is in the business of peace and protection and not terrorizing our youth.

Society Press Release - Jun 08, 2015

Eshwar Bhakti Offers Personalized Online Pujas

Eshwar Bhakti is providing exclusive personalized results-oriented online puja services to clients across the globe. From birthdays to good health, business meetings, interviews, marital relationship issues, and beyond, Eshwar Bhakti is India’s most

Society Press Release - May 30, 2015

Thony Anyiams Thermoa Voice Smart Temperature And Time Watch

Introducing Thony Anyiam’s Thermoa Voice Smart Watch. The first voice indoor and outdoor temperature, time and date watch.

Society Press Release - May 20, 2015

Terrorist Al-Baghdadi is Challenged by Muslims

Al-Baghdadi, the self proclaimed Caliph of ISIL said, "Islam was never a religion of peace. Islam is the religion of fighting”. Muslim are challenging this terrorists ignorance.

Society Press Release - May 19, 2015

South Floridas Pickups For Breast Cancer Launches Spring Cleaning Clothing Donation Drive

Pickups for Breast Cancer, a South Florida based breast cancer awareness non-profit organization, announced their ‘Spring Cleaning Clothing Donation’ initiative.

Society Press Release - May 12, 2015

Self-Defense Often Results in Arrest of the Victims

Firearms Legal Protection Protects Family, Financial Assets and Liberty

Society Press Release - May 01, 2015

Bringing Affordable Airbrushing Make-up To London

Beauty By Zoe offers this highly in-demand service for the perfect look

Society Press Release - Apr 13, 2015

Snooping4U In Royal Oaks MI Offers Background Checks Solutions For Personal Use

Snooping4U offers a range of personal background checks for clients. The reports are intended for personal use of the clients.

Society Press Release - Apr 01, 2015

Understanding And Respecting The Wish To Place Pet Memorials

UK Memorial Service Ensure That All Life Companions Are Remembered With Dignity In Suitable Memorials.

Society Press Release - Mar 30, 2015

Best Nightlife In Hong Kong-Rollicking Night Life

As well as offering exceptional shopping, Hong Kong is also famous for it’s of its energetic nightlife.

Society Press Release - Mar 23, 2015

Pavel Astahov visited child institutions in Kaliningrad region

On the 11-th of March children's ombudsman Pavel Astahov (Russian Federation) within the framework of working visit to Kalinigrad region has visited several child institutions, reports INFOX news agency.

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