Meega Job Board together with its Partners has prepared the list of 10 most important tips on how to be effective in your job hunt.

1. The main difference between effective and ineffective job hunting is not caused by any external factors (such as a difficult labour market) but by the way you are looking for a job.

2. Remember that regardless of how hard you worked in your previous job, nobody is obliged to hire you now. Getting a new job depends mainly on you.

3. Before you start your job hunting, you should ask yourself three basic questions:
First of all, what are your skills (think of some universal skills which can be used in every branch or job, no matter how you got them);
Secondly, where and how would you like to use your skills;
Thirdly, you should decide on how you are planning to get to the place you would like to be in.

4. It is important to think of the names of jobs you are interested in, the names of companies which can offer such vacancies to you, and also to find out who is responsible for the hiring processes in those companies. Find about 15-20 companies, you would like to work for.

5. Forget about what is "available" now, think of the job you really wish to do. If you are not able to define it, you will never know how to look for it, and you may just not notice it.

6. In order to find a job, you should inform as many people as possible about what you are looking for. Do all you can to make other people search for the job with you.

7. After you have finally decided on which company you would like to get to, it is worth to talk to someone who has already worked there. Ask this person how he got there, what are the advantages and disadvantages of his job. Such a research can help you to save time and money and you will be able to decide if this is the right place for you.

8. Nowadays, companies are looking for "winners", so be self confident rather than "job beggar". Stop focusing on what your future employer can give you, but think about what you are able to give him.

9. Don't worry if you got rejected. Remember – no matter how many times you heard "no" you just need to hear "yes" twice (exactly, twice - to make sure you have a choice). Everytime someone responds negatively, you get a little closer to the positive answer.

10. Keep in mind that nowadays you become unemployed very quickly without any warning, so you should always be prepared to look for a new job.

Meega Job Board was created in 2010. We are a fast-growing company providing Clients around the world with high quality services in the field of online recruitment.
We focus on creating an effective, and user-friendly device which could constitute the basis for an effectual communication between employers and the candidates.

Together with our Clients we create one of the friendliest,
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Our biggest asset is unheard ease of the access to thousands of job offers
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Meega and our partner services reach millions of users from all around the world.
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Meega Job Board was created in 2010. We are a fast-growing company providing Clients around the world with high quality services in the field of online recruitment.

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