3D Printer Software Module Helps Cleaning

STL Prep for 3D Printing is a software module now available for the SpaceClaim Engineer 3D Printing software suite.

CONCORD, MA – STL Prep for 3D Printing is a software module now available for the SpaceClaim Engineer 3D Printing software suite. This software suite is SpaceClaim's 'CAD neutral' solution for engineering and manufacturing organizations. The software acts as a natural tool to be used when a user needs to 'clean' and prepare a 3D STL file for 3D printing systems.

This software module comes at a time when people need more tools to efficiently manage their 3D STL file before printing. Many people, including industry professionals, now use 3D models made by 3D graphic artists. Whether those artists are professionals associated with a graphic design or 3D design firm or amateurs selling a product, the professional and, to some extent, hobbyist 3D printing scene needs a tool to efficiently prepare STL and CAD files for 3D printing.

As a software product for manufacturing and engineering organizations, SpaceClaim Engineer has attempted and succeeded with fulfilling those claims. The software aims to help all professionals associated with those industries to work in 3D without having to be well versed in 3D software.

SpaceClaim (www.spaceclaim.com) is responsible for fulfilling the needs of professionals involved in 3D printing. One of the tools responsible for helping with that is their SpaceClaim Engineer software module known as STL Prep for 3D Printing. STL Prep for 3D Printing is available as an add-on module for Service Pack 1 of the SpaceClaim Engineer software.

STL Prep for 3D Printing prepares 3D STL files for 3D printing applications. It is known for effectively maximizing SpaceClaim Engineer's existing and intuitive interface into one that maximizes its speed, usability and ability to efficiently repair, modify and convert any STL and CAD file for use with various major 3D printing systems.

This add-on module allows users to work directly with STL files, mainly through analyzing the structure of the file and later cleaning the file of imperfections. Some of the imperfections that the add-on will detect include holes, misaligned holes and co-incident triangles. The add-on also allows users to edit their STL files directly and improve the overall performance of the model itself.

SpaceClaim has added a solution to their SpaceClaim Engineer software suite in the form of a tool that helps clean and repair STL and CAD files. Today's 3D printing world needs additional peripherals to help further refine a 3D STL file for printing. Modules like STL Prep for 3D Printing make that much easier for various users.

About SpaceClaim - http://www.spaceclaim.com/en/Products/Addons/3DPrinting.aspx

SpaceClaim is a company who has created various 3D printer software solutions for use in today's 3D printer systems. They currently service various types of businesses around the world, including those who are in charge of creating popular electronics and other such technologies.

SpaceClaim Engineer is the company's main product, and stands as a 'CAD neutral solution' for engineering and manufacturing organizations. With their main product, the company aims to help all engineers and those involved in manufacturing to be able to work in 3D without having to be an expert in CAD software.

For more information about their STL Prep for 3D Printing module for SpaceClaim Engineer, please visit SpaceClaim at http://www.spaceclaim.com/en/Products/Addons/3DPrinting.aspx.

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Oct 01, 2014