7 Things to Consider when Hiring Emergency Tree Service in Marietta

We do things the old-fashioned way so that your lawn and landscape remain pristine and un-touched by heavy equipment.

Are you worried about that large tree leaning on the utility post on your property? For the safety of everyone in your neighborhood, you need to call a Marietta tree service right away. Our emergency tree service in Marietta is tested and proven. No matter what type of tree is troubling you, if it poses a threat to the community, you need to take it down. We can help you get the necessary requirements and provide you with skillful workers and equipment to bring that large tree down safely.

Searching for a Marietta tree service is not as easy as you think it is. It requires extensive research and observation on your part. We are here to give you some helpful tips for finding and hiring the right emergency tree service in Marietta.

7. They have Proof of Credentials Ready Upon Request

Before hiring a Marietta tree service, request the company’s license and proof of insurance. The company must have a certified arborist listed in the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), Tree Care Industry Association Accredited Business, and is a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP). If the emergency tree service in Marietta will work on electrical conductors, the company must also be equipped with certified Approved Line-Clearance Arborists. You should also know about their insurance policy so that you know what is covered in case something goes wrong on-site.

6. They Provide a Work Contract

Before hiring a tree service in Marietta, you must make sure that they will hand you a copy of the work contract for you to sign. Do not hire a company that cannot provide a contract, just in case something happens the company may be held liable for the consequences.

5. They can Provide Client Recommendations and 5-Star Rating Reviews

A good tree company in Marietta will be known by word-of-mouth. At Marietta Tree Aces, we take pride in our customers and value client satisfaction. This is why we are proud to have gained 5-star rating reviews and recommendations from our numerous satisfied clients.

4. The Company Can Provide a Detailed and Concrete Estimate

Hire a Marietta tree service that can provide a detailed and concrete estimate online. Marietta Tree Aces can provide you a no-obligation estimate on the scope of the job and its prices. Our certified tree removers will also need your go-signal on the services and costs that will be done before any work is made. This to ensure you that we have no hidden or additional charges.

3. Their Tree Removers are Well-Equipped

Does your Marietta tree service crew wear hard hats and have the proper equipment to perform the dangerous job of tree removal? Go for a company with expert cutters that are well-equipped and wear complete protective gear. Marietta Tree Aces comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards to ensure everyone’s safety.

2. They Have Professionally-Trained Tree Removers 

You can tell an experienced tree company from a scam by how they treat their clients. This includes carrying out the business in a professional manner and having well-maintained trucks, tools, and equipment. If their trucks and supplies are not in good shape, you may want to think twice about hiring their services.

1. They Caution You about Tree Topping Service 

Before hiring a tree service in Marietta, it is wise to check if they offer tree topping services on their official website. Tree topping is the process of cutting off the top part of the tree including its live branches. However, this is a poor tree trimming technique. At Marietta Tree Aces, we don’t just top the tree, our certified arborists trim the trees to give it the polished look that it needs.

When it comes to emergency tree service in Marietta, don’t just settle for any company. Don’t risk it with a cheap Marietta tree service. We have the right qualifications for the job. Get in touch with the certified emergency tree specialists at Marietta Tree Aces today.

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