A Considerate electrical 2 wheel scooter for sale 2016: Airwheel Z5

Airwheel Z5, is another new product released in 2016 by Airwheel. Z5 intelligent electric scooter emerges with excellent design details to provide more comfortable and safe riding. Whether you are planning to visit friends, to go shopping, or to go cinemas for watching movies or travel in another city, Z5 foldable electric scooter will be your considerate companion for you.


With the release of Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter, people could go outside for any activities conveniently, like visiting friends, going shopping, walking in the parks, going cinemas for movies or some other short trips. Z5 will take care of you when you are tired during your outside activities. Such a considerate vehicle will be your perfect choice to be with you.

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Based on our previous experience of riding scooter, riders are unable to parallel stance with both feet so they have to stand with one foot in front and the other staying behind. This kind of riding posture makes riders uncomfortable and feels exhausted easily. Airwheel Z5 smart electric scooter for sale installs foldable pedals to make riding more comfortable.

Speaking of the feature of convenience, Z5 personal electric scooter will win more applause from riders. It’s easy to carry and store without influencing the comfortableness of riding. With the brand new folding point and concealed lock catch design, Airwheel Z5 possesses a stylish externality. Triple folding system of Airwheel Z5 electric hoverboard enables it can be easily carried into the elevator, subway, bus, or stored in a car trunk.

As for the battery performance, everyone will change his or her mobile phone battery into a fresh one which is full of power when the current one runs out, while Z5 electric scooter also can do this. External modular battery design enables riders to change the battery, to upgrade range and to maintain the battery easily. What’s more, an USB port is added to the battery so that the high efficient USB power supply interface can meet the charging demands of mobile phone, Tablet, SLR and other daily smart devices.

Airwheel Z5 is also equipped with a bell, to make riding safer. Considering the light-insufficient environment, Z5 is equipped with LED light for easy understanding of the conditions, with the reference to the design of automotive lighting system. How considerate Airwheel Z5 is.

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Airwheel Z5, is another new product released in 2016 by Airwheel. Z5 intelligent electric scooter emerges with excellent design details to provide more comfortable and safe riding.

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Sep 23, 2016