A Fresh Approach To Solder Dross Recycling- Safe, Responsible, Eco- Friendly

Our environment is in deep crisis and we need to accept this fact with honesty instead of arguing how and why.

Our environment is in deep crisis and we need to accept this fact with honesty instead of arguing how and why. And a lot of damage has been done to our environment due to e-waste produced by electronic assemblies. This waste needs to be managed properly to ensure that there is no threat to our environment and its natural resources as a result of safe and responsible Dross Recycling.

Colorado, 1 August 2017-

Solder Dross Recycling is one of the important recycling services which is offered by FCT Recovery- a leading name in the field of e-waste recovery in an environment friendly manner. Electronic assemblies produces waste, and anyone in the industry who operates a selective solder machine produces solder dross as an e-waste. Solder dross is a mix of oxidized metals and other impurities, which can be refined and recycled into a new solder bar. FCT has adopted a whole new approach to dross recycling as compared to other recycling centers. It offers the industry a safe and responsible way to recycle e-waste and solder dross. By offering and honest and transparent service, FCT has become one of the most reliable and credible leftover dross and electronic scrap recovery agency in and around Colorado.

In fact, disposing your e-waste with FCT is so simple and convenient that you only have to make a call to them and let them do the rest for you. FCT takes all types of dross i.e. 63/37 dross, SN100C dross, and SAC305 dross for recycling.

About FCT Recovery-

FCT recovery came into existence with achieving solitary objective of keeping our planet green and healthy by offering safe and responsible recycling of solder dross and electronic waste in safe and transparent manner. Your e-waste is collected from your location after you have been quoted on phone by their sales representatives. There are no hidden costs, additional fees or even a pick up fee. Pricing for your e-waste is based on the prices of London Metal Exchange, which are fluctuating on daily basis. Your quote is valid for 2 business days and your payment will be released in 30 days of pick up. Whole process is fair and credible and you can be assured of their honesty and integrity.

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FCT Recovery specializes in solder dross and electronics recycling. We pay you for your recycling, arrange pickup and shipping, and pay within 30 days.

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Aug 01, 2017