A Leader in Manufacturing and Supplying lightweight Stone Panels

Pacific Bedrock has been an award-winning specialist in creating, designing and supplying all types of lightweight stone panels including marble honeycomb panels, brick honeycomb panels, granite honeycomb panels, sandstone honeycomb panels etc.

Pacific Bedrock, the fastest growing industrial company, strongly follows the initiative of creating, designing and selling highest-grade stone panels for both commercial and household purposes. Ever since we commenced our business; we have been delivering high-grade quality natural stone products to our global customers. Offering quality products has always been a part of our business, which is the reason why our business is scaling by leaps and bounds.

We are looked upon the industry’s leading producer of Natural Stone Panels from Foshan City, China and have stood the test of time for offering peerless quality in our stone panels that last for several decades.


Technological developments and trends mean that we constantly give great attention to being innovative, create and deliver unique products. Within our prodigious and top-quality lightweight stone panels that combine beautiful materials, styles and designs, you will experience a long-lasting impression.


Additionally, we must also ensure the world's sustainability and setting; we are giving contribution to our natural and organic products. From production to delivery, we choose the most eco-friendly technology and tools to produce the products.


We have the noble goal to raise awareness of using natural lightweight stone panels as the world's second to none roofing material. This can be achieved by delivering most favorable solutions along with peerless quality.

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We offer our customer guaranteed 24/ guaranteed solid customer service, which means we get on terms with their queries and inquiries dedicatedly, mannerly, and promptly.


Pacific Bedrock deals in creating, designing and supplying all types of lightweight stone panels including marble honeycomb panels, brick honeycomb panels, Granite Honeycomb Panels, sandstone honeycomb panels etc.


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lightweight stone panels, lightweight slate and quartz panel, translucent marble panel

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Village Leping Town
Sanshui, Foshan Guangdong, China
Phone : 86-18202028688
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Sep 01, 2016

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