A New Array of Arbor Axis Bamboo Longboard Supply By Boards on Nord

Longboarding is an exciting sport; that requires patience, dedication and finesse. It’s nothing but a fun-packed sporting activity; where the speedy reflexes hold importance to ensure careful movements.

CA, 15th January, 2016- Arbor is the most popular longboard with a stacked lineup in order to fill your quiver. No matter whatever you’re looking to ride, they can make you covered. Each and every Arbor longboard is designed beautifully, so you should just get into it! To fulfill your innermost longboarding desires, Boards on Nord supplies a new array of qualitative Arbor Axis Bamboo Longboard for dreamlike longboarding experiences. Their Arbor Axis Longboards have snowboard inspired shape to give a quick rail-to-rail performance with a drop-though mounting to ensure a great ergonomic push and strength through slides and turns.

Their Arbor Axis Bamboo Longboard Complete is a symmetrical longboard; which offers a fast performance and spring, especially when carving in and out of turns. The bamboo used in their longboard is the most sustainable, strong, flexible and easy to shape, material. For enjoyable longboarding experiences, Boards on Nord has added an innovative set of longboard like a hybrid maple construction; which includes bamboo as a deck side power ply. This type of longboarding instrument has a clean Zen flavor, nice turn and long lasting durability.

At first, Boards on Nord, a reputable supplier of longboard has started supplying longboards with the Koa and Bamboo designs. The main aim of these types of boards is to add real character to your setup for functional and fun-filled riding experiences. With the beautiful top sheets and millions of snap as well as rigidity in each design, they can offer a completely different ride from the standard maple decks. These types of boards have ultimate elegance in design and visually appealing features. However, with their aesthetic appearance and artistic design, they draw the envious stares from passerby.

“Our Axis longboards made by Arbor are the topmost choice for its enormous strength and a great level of comfort, when it comes to longboarding. With this board, you don’t need to worry about falling beneath your feet when you’re pushing the board hard into a tight turn. That’s the main reason why the Arbor longboards are very much popular among all our longboard collections”, says the chairperson of Boards on Nord.
The Arbor Axis Koa of Boards on Nords is one of the longest standing cruiser boards in the market among all Arbor boards and that’s for a good reason. This is due to its simple drop through design with extremely mild concave patterns. That’s the main reason why the Arbor Axis Koa offers excellent riding experiences for long cruises along the road with friends. However, the foot platform is perfectly positioned for cross-stepping and dancing around to ensure your cruising full of fun and exciting as well. With their Arbor Axis Koa board, you must be the most stylish guy without getting any problem on the deck. No matter wherever you want to cruise around, the Arbor longboard can be the best way to get around and enjoyable longboarding experiences.

If you want to know more information about Arbor Axis longboards, then please browse over http://www.nordboards.com/araxkoaloco.html!

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Jan 14, 2016