A Quick Guide to Radiator Service

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The radiator plays an important part in your car's internal combustion engine by regulating the temperature. If the radiator fails, overheating happens and this can greatly damage the engine and other components. 

Because of the crucial part, it plays in how your car works, your radiator needs regular maintenance checks to ensure that it is in top working condition. Here is a checklist of the things that you need to give attention to when you or a Brookshire auto mechanic check your radiator.



Radiator leaks need immediate attention whether they are big or small. Once you spotted them, bring your car to any Brookshire car service centers to fix the problem. Radiator leaks are easy to spot because of the fluorescent green, red or orange coloring in the radiator fluid. 

Another indicator of a radiator leak is the rising engine temperature. This means some of the radiator tubes have holes and coolant is leaking out of them causing the levels to drop lower.

Coolant Levels


Coolant levels need to be checked every six months or every time you have an oil change to ensure that you have enough coolant. Your Brookshire mechanic will inform you when he does his regular car checks on your vehicle. If you are doing a DIY, however, you have to include this on your checklist. Check the coolant reservoir and keep an eye on the temperature gauge of your dashboard.

Radiator Problems and Maintenance


There are different indicators or signs that you need a new radiator. As mentioned above, the temperature gauge or warning lights are one of them. Low coolant levels or radiator leaks can cause the engine temperature to rise. If this happens when you're driving, pull over immediately and stop driving.

Do not attempt to open the radiator cap while the engine is still hot. Instead, call a qualified Brookshire car mechanic and tell them what the problem is so they can help you what step needs to be taken and send a tow truck if needed. Never attempt to drive with an overheated engine because it can worsen the problem causing you more time and money for repairs.

If, in case, your engine overheated in a highway construction zone, draw as much heat as possible away from the engine by turning the heater on. If you smell as if something has been burnt under the hood, this means the engine could have suffered serious damage already.

Given how important a radiator is in the car's system, regular maintenance can help you monitor the condition of your radiator. One of the most important maintenance you need to have is a radiator flush. It is done every two years or according to your car's manufacturer. Furthermore, it does not cost much to perform this.

During a radiator flush, all the old coolant is flushed out from the car. After that, new coolant is added to ensure optimum efficiency.


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