A virtual reality game where you can make a ton of money and fulfill all your dreams.

Start your luxurious travels in Las vegas. Tap as fast as you can to collect as much cash as you can to continue your trip to New York. Keep collecting cash so that you can travel the world. Play Money Rules now its free !!

Money Rules is an intriguing and exciting virtual reality game where you can earn a lot of money and travel the world. It’s the perfect game for anyone who wants to travel the world while just sitting at their home. You can travel to the most famous landmarks on earth and visit all the famous places while earning money. You can even invest in stocks to increase your returns.

The app is pretty simple. It functions in a virtual reality where money is what rules everything. That is the aim of the game- to earn as much money as possible so you can live more luxuriously. The app helps you to live your dreams. You can do everything that you might have imagined. You can buy expensive clothes and play at famous casinos.

The app is based on travelling to the most luxurious cities around the world. You own your very own jet and you can go to any expensive city that you want- Vegas, Paris, Dubai, New York and Tokyo. You have to build your reputation. The better your reputation the more money you can have. You can build your reputation by starting your own enterprise. You can run your very own business and you’ll be the boss of everything.

The game starts in Las Vegas. You have to tap as fast as possible to collect cash. You have to collect as much cash as possible to continue with your luxurious trip to New York. And that’s what you have to do- get more and more cash to travel around the world.

That’s not all, there is even more stuff that you can do. You can purchase assets and you can invest in other enterprises. You can invest in casinos, pawn shops, jewelry store, banks and even stock markets. The more you earn from these investments the higher you will climb on the Money Rules leader board. You also have to achieve targets to level up.

The design of the app has been built to impress. You can actually feel that you are inside the game. It’s pretty funky and ergonomic. The graphics are pretty great. It helps you to enjoy the game even more. The top panel shows you the money you have and has many other options as well. It’s really easy to understand the interface of the game. You can even see a map outlining your achievements.

The app is available for both Apple and Android users. You can download the app for free and start with your luxurious journey around the world. All the best! 

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#1: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/money-rules/id1137019948?mt=8


#2: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elton.moneymaker&hl=en


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This game designed by Elton Brown & team. Money rules is an extremely addictive and progressively challenging game. Remember, the more bills you miss the less wealth you accumulate. Keep tapping for as long as you can and reach the top of the leaderboard!

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Sep 13, 2016