Accidental Shootings and Personal Injury Attorneys

Every year, we hear about more accidental shootings leading to serious injuries. Both adults and children have been involved in these incidents. Unfortunately, many have died, even when being supervised by professionals.

Either people are playing with guns or kids get access to loaded guns or those close to ammunition. If someone is a guest in another house or business, the gun owner could be liable. 


If you or loved ones have been shot in incidents like these, call in personal injury attorneys. Professionals can research your options and make the right arrangements. It could be an issue of an irresponsible business allowing children to use the wrong guns. More often, these shootings occur when people are acting irresponsibly at home. 


Just like other personal injuries, sometimes an accident is just an accident. If it occurs within the walls of your home, you may be responsible for your own injuries. Personal injury attorneys can look at all the moving variables.


PI Lawyers Address the Responsibilities of Gun Owners

If you own a gun as an individual or business, you have certain responsibilities. By state and federal law, you’d be required to go through background checks. They also recommend safety equipment like locks or gun safes. If you don’t have this with small children, you could put your family at risk.


Home shootings might not be an issue for most people. PI lawyers in Fort Lauderdale continue to see cases every year of those who could’ve done more. When guns are properly stored and cleaned with no bullets nearby, you have a minimal risk of injury. When the gun is loaded, ammo is nearby, or it’s not properly stored and cleaned, that risk automatically rises. When drugs or alcohol are involved, it can also present a higher risk. 


Most gun accidents occur when a novice is involved. You can always find exceptions to this rule, though. Personal injury attorneys can assess a gun owner’s liability in all these circumstances. 


PI Lawyers Can Help with Gun Violence in Accidents

In the US alone, we’ve seen over 7000 injuries in ten years that ended in death or complications. PI lawyers in Fort Lauderdale can sit down with you to evaluate the situation. Lawyers measure liability and tell clients if it’s considered negligence. Gun owners can prevent gun injuries in many ways. It’s considered your duty to do so to avoid liability. Something as simple as a cheap lock box could save lives and prevent costly medical care.


How can gun owners be held liable for accidents that happen with their guns? The most basic reason a gun owner could be liable is if the guns weren’t secure. Some states require gun owners to use lock boxes, gun safes, and more to ensure the guns are secure from children. If children under a certain age can access the weapon, the owner could be held responsible. 


Simply putting it in a high place where you think children can’t reach it is insufficient. If you have a lockbox of some kind to secure the gun, the locked carrier should be placed in a secure location. Ideally, the gun should also be unloaded, and the ammunition should be kept separate. 


Loaded weapons left unattended could be considered a violation in some states. 


Talk to Personal Injury Attorneys about Recklessness

In a home or business, it’s a gun owner’s responsibility to protect those entering their property. If the owner becomes distracted or careless, they can be liable. This includes incidents involving alcohol or drugs. 


PI lawyers and the courts ask how a reasonable person would’ve behaved. They ask if the incident would’ve happened if a reasonable person who wasn’t distracted had been the gun owner. The courts want to create reasonable expectations for every case and defendant. This is true of both the criminal and civil courts.


If you’ve been involved in an accidental shooting, always call personal injury attorneys. We can make sure you get paid what you’re eligible for in the courts. To see how the Florida Injury Lawyers can help with your case, click here.


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