Acid free Tissue Papers for Environment Friendly World

Social responsiveness of an organisation is directly related to the profit it earns

World is moving fast and so is the pollution. There is a dire need to curb down the production of non bio-degradable waste. This act cannot be completed without the support of packaging industries. These industries are the prime suppliers of plastic waste. Keeping track of their production would not just help in the decline of harmful waste production but also promote usage of environment friendly packaging. Pico bags is one of the few socially responsible organisations. They have been coming up with eco-friendly solutions to plastic usage for all sized packaging every now and then.

Another creative and socially sound launch of the company is on May 21, 2017. They are coming up with an acid free range of tissue papers. Tissue paper is widely used across UK. More and more people across the country are opting for acid free tissue paperfor craft as well as packaging. 

Some of the top-notch retailers of London have even pre booked their orders for acid free tissue papers. These retailers use tissue paper as wrapping paperin UK. It is majorly used to give favours.

Apart from commercial use, tissue papers also have a huge demand in schools where children use this paper to make crafts and decor products. 

Not many companies today are socially accepting their responsibility towards environment. It is better for the organisations to understand that their social image would directly hamper their business. Consumers today are smart enough to think about environmental hazards and thus give their loyalty to the organisation which tops all parameters.

Prices and marketing are only one side of a company. It is the picture that organisation wishes to share with its prospect customers. Social image and quality is another side of an organisation. It is the actual image of the company in its customers’ mind.

About Pico Bags

Pico bags is a premier supplier of packaging solutions in UK.  It is a Manchester based company and have a wide spread of categories to match the complete packaging needs of their customers. Their UK based website is one of the leading e-commerce portals. They have the expertise in the entire packaging arena and their forte is carrier bags. Company manufactures European styled turn over top folded or J-cut carrier bags. They are known for excellent quality and affordable prices.

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In a short span of time, Pico Bags has captured the online market of brown paper bags in U.K. It is an online store of the best quality paper bags and also trades in every type of eco-friendly carrier bags.

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May 19, 2017