Ada Tours Offers Dreams Come True Tour Package to Explore Spectacular Delights

Ada Tours - a responsible and dependable tour operator in Latin America, specializes in offering sightseeing tour itineraries including, Dreams Come True in Brazil & Argentina 2017 to immerse in splendid delights.

Ada Tours, a trustworthy destination management company – As a DMC in Latin America Ada Tour is responsible for tailor-made tour itineraries to ensure unforgettable travel experiences. As a well-known Latin America tour operator, it continues to deliver customized tour packages for the travel delights of enthusiasts of every kind. Currently, Ada Tours have been offering “Dreams Come True In Brazil & Argentina 2017” tour package covering the magnificence of Brazil, like Rio de Janeiro, Foz do Iguacu and Buenos Aires. This package includes 10 days - 9 nights stay - starts the tour from Rio de Janeiro and ends in Buenos Aires.
Upon booking “Dreams Come True in Brazil & Argentina” tour package, a vacationer will indulge in the green hills, blue sky, spectacular bays, islands, beautiful beaches, rocky mountains and much more at Rio de Janeiro - the second most populous city in Brazil and one of the most beautiful cities around the world. While exploring Rio de Janeiro, make your holiday dream true staying at hotels - located on most famous black and white tiled promenade of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon. After exploring Rio, the Dreams Come True package will take visitors to Foz do Iguacu - the Brazilian city on the border of Iguacu Falls. The Iguacu Falls are formed by the splendid Iguacu River and comprise of 275 falls, surrounded by the virgin jungle of Iguacu National Park. However, the national park is the home to around 2000 flora species and 400 bird species including toucans and parrots. Again it will take along the highest fall - the “Garganta do Diabo” (Devil’s Throat) reaches up to 230ft or 70m - one and half times the height of the Niagra Falls. At the end, the Dreams Come True package will take Buenos Aires - the beautiful capital city of Argentina and emerged as a top tourist destination. The Argentina capital is well-known for its European-style architecture, vibrant culture with the highest number of theatres around the world. Even, it’s believed that famous yet eminent personalities like Albert Einstein, Carlos Gardel, Vaslav Nijinsky, Federico Garcia Lorca and many others, spent time at bohemian society.

“As a trusted tour operator in Latin America, we provide “Dreams Come True” package covering Brazilian and Argentinian sightseeing wonders to let you immerse in the scenic nature at Foz do Iguacu, explore magnificent concentrations of flora and bird species at Iguacu National Park and the vibrancy of the beautiful Argentina capital city - Buenos Aires. All you need to do is to book our sightseeing tours with us and rest assured that your transportation, accommodation as well as all your necessities will be well-taken care of. For more information about our tour itinerary. Please visit our website as soon as possible”, said a spokesperson of Ada Tours.

About the Company -
Ada Tours is a reliable tour operator in Latin America, offers customized tour packages including Dream Come True itinerary to explore Brazil and Argentina at their best. Providing sightseeing tours, the Brazil DMC is committed to delivering memorable travel experiences to treasure forever. For immediate availability, please visit as soon as possible.

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Aug 01, 2017