Ada Tours Offers Exceptional Brazil Travel Itinerary That Meet Every Traveler’s Needs

Ada Tours, a leading Brazilian tour operator provide its guests a peerless degree of all-inclusive service in each aspect of their tour in Brazil.

Inspiring natural wonders, sun-kissed beaches and exotic samba rhythms - Brazil never fall short to allure visitors in massive numbers. Whether you want to experience the rhythmic exhilaration of Rio or the serene of Costa Do Sauipe, the untouched splendor of the Amazonia or the exceptional rolling waters of Iguacu Falls, the old Salvador or futuristic Brasilia - Brazil has a dream vacation ready for you.

Brazil is no longer the mythical nation that it was used to be fifty years back. Its soccer team, Carnival, thriving economy, energy freedom, and gorgeous women such as Adriana Lima, have prompted Brazil to global fame, and identity as a nation packed with Samba, lovely women, fun-loving folks, and a fabulous future.

If you are passionate about warm & sunny beaches, you will be fortunate in Brazil because the country boasts varied temperatures but predominantly the weather is tropical. It is no surprise that some of the warmest rainforests can be discovered here - encompassing the Amazon. Tropical savannahs can be discovered in the centre of the nation, whilst semi-dried deserts are plenty in the north-east.

In Brazil, nature lovers will feel a home away from home as well. The country is packed with all sorts of animals, from ocelots and pumas to deer, armadillos, sloths and monkeys. And if you want to enjoy amazing natural scenery, you’re sure to find some finest here.

“At Ada Tour, we’re specialized in designing & operating customized packages to Brazil and Latin America based on the unique interest of our guests. We offer highly customized services that include the major attractions in Brazil and also the more individualized requirements of tourists planning to explore off-track regions of the country” says a spokesperson of Ada Tours.

She further said “As one of the leading Brazil tour operators our aim is to provide our guests a peerless degree of all-inclusive service in each aspect of their tour in Brazil. Our resources & skills enable us to attend practically each facet of Brazilian travel operation. Whether it’s the negotiation in hotel reservation, planning the minutest details of the perfect social function, or offering the most suitable Brazil travel itinerary to the most demanding of tourists, we always give our best shot to fulfill all of our clients’ needs”.

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Ada Tours is a crew of exceptional travel advisors and tour operators     who’re passionate about sharing the magic of Brazil through their vast knowledge & exemplary customer service. For more information, about their service, visit

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We provide the most interesting travel itineraries and experiences in Brazil and Latin America countries. Every trip is custom made for FITs and Groups providing a truly Special unforgettable experience with completely satisfied Customers.

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Feb 06, 2017