Add A Decorative Accent To Your Home With Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds have that unique ability to add that 'warmth' and classic touch to any room.

Bamboo blinds are a wonderful way to add a decorative accent to your home – it brings in a touch of class, style, quality and performance that are totally unmatched. Made from all natural fibre, bamboo blinds have that unique ability to add that 'warmth' and classic touch to any room.

For those who want to cover the windows of their rooms and add a classic touch, bamboo blinds would be the ideal choice to work with. The beautiful wood essences in a bamboo blind will create a warm homey look to the room. While other blinds add functionality to the room, a bamboo blind will add an awesome decorative accent and functionality. Bamboo blind  cannot and should not be trimmed. Instead, ask for custom made bamboo blinds.

When you visit any blinds store in Australia, you will come across a 'All natural' section and a “Woven” blinds section. Now here's the thing, the all natural bamboo blinds are made from the natural fibres of the bamboo plant.

The woven  bamboo blinds on the other hand, are made using a combination of bamboo, jute, rattan, grasses and reeds to create a variety of natural colour options. What is amazing is that the colour of these natural ingredients will differ according to the season when it was picked. This can add stubble colour variations to a room like no other blind can.
While best used indoors, Bamboo blinds can also be used outdoors and since they are made from all natural materials, a bamboo blind will withstand moisture, rain and sun. So if you are looking for Bamboo Blinds options for your patio or deck, go right ahead – they will blend quite well with your patio and deck.

If you want to put decorate the bedroom windows or study room with bamboo blinds, we recommend you opt for bamboo blind with blackout liner – these are separate drop down curtains on the inner side of the  bamboo blinds.

Classic and period look provided by bamboo blind does not mean that they cannot be modernised. These days you can opt for cordless bamboo blinds too. Added advantage of a cordless bamboo blind is that it also eliminates any possible ‘catching’ of cords on the naturally rougher edges of the bamboo blinds.

For those interested, here's some fascinating information into the background of bamboo blinds. It is said that Pivot Arm Awnings first came into existence as the décor du jour in China (naturally) some 5,000 years ago. Back then (and even today), Chinese bamboo blinds have beautiful and highly intricate hand painted designs. Apart from the fact they are very expensive, they do not blend well with the interior décor of most homes in Australia.

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Jul 24, 2017