Addressing The Rising Costs Of UK Funeral Arrangements

UK Memorial Service are at the forefront of addressing the need to reduce the costs of funerals in Great Britain

There is a rather famous quotation which says that death is the great equalizer. The one thing that all of us on the planet have in common is that we all shall die, regardless of our race, religion or wealth. As many in 21st Century Great Britain know, however, this equality seems to no longer apply in respect of wealth.

Recently released information shows that more than 50% of people who arranged funerals in the UK during 2014 found that it cost considerably more than they had anticipated. As a consequence of this, many are finding themselves being drawn into dangerous levels of debt by the cost of funerals in the UK. This is an issue of great concern to all, highlighted by Emma Lewell-Buck raising the mater in Parliament recently. Ms Lewell-Buck introduced the Funeral Services Bill to the House of Commons, believing that decent and dignified funerals should be available to all and that cases of 'funeral poverty' must be made a thing of the past.

The belief that decent and dignified funerals should be affordable to all is one shared by many who work in the funeral services sector. One of the leading companies which exemplifies this belief is UK Memorial Service. For several years this company has strived to set an example for all via providing the highest quality memorials at the lowest pricing possible.

At UK Memorial Service, the focus is very much on using skills and abilities to support and offer comfort to members of the community rather than to seek profits. This is reflected in the company using only the finest, purest available grades of granite and marble available to create headstones, kerb sets, plaques and other forms of memorial. The company, employing only the finest artisans and masons working in the UK today, create memorials which have both the dignified appearance suitable to remember the deceased by and are resilient enough to be enduring and long lasting.

UK Memorial Service are aware of and highly sympathetic towards the concerns around the costs associated with funerals. It is for this reason that they provide their services for the lowest possible costing, ensuring that placing a memorial for the deceased is as affordable as it is a fitting gesture and action to take.

In this day and age a reality for us all is that budgets are tight. When families face the emotionally testing experience of a loved one passing away, it should not mean a great financial burden is placed on them. UK Memorial Service are at the forefront of ensuring that placing memorials for the deceased is an affordable undertaking.

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UK Memorial Service are the most trusted providers of bespoke, befitting headstones, kerb sets and other forms of graphite and marble memorials.

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Dec 09, 2014