Advanced Food Marketing Possible Now with Restaurant Software

Food service entrepreneurs seek advanced digital marketing solutions. A latest restaurant POS system app can deliver extensive localized marketing benefits. This report explores the possibilities.

The food service industry runs across several unique requirements. As the raw materials of business are perishable items, related directly to health, quality caution is mandatory. Apart from bad food nightmares, a restaurateur has to maintain other necessary hospitality aspects. The success of a diner depends also on effective management of all the requisites of a standard service. Many licensed eateries in the metros seek effective digital marketing solutions. However, it is not a simplified task because dining is not something one could experience virtually. People need to physically visit a restaurant and pay for the gastronomic happiness.

A cafeteria is definitely much more than just a set of tables for people to reserve. From mall food parks to gourmet facilities, the diner is a place for emotional connection. A single viral bad review online can ruin years of credibility as can a case of dishes gone wrong. The extensively time oriented industry must operate on consistent quality serving from one order to the next. Indian food and beverages sector is one of the highest grossing industry verticals with a projected growth rate of hundreds of billions by leading industry bodies. A latest CMR Report calculates 17% CAGR to project the reach to USD 33 billion by the next 4 years.

With something of such an immense potential, the competitive market only allows the best providers to survive. Numerous eateries in the metros these days use a restaurant software app to register their facility. This correspondent discussed the pros and cons of availing such a method of promotions with a reputed traditional diner in Delhi. The young manager at the family Dhaba explained the difficulties of negative responses in contrast with the competitive advantages of the app. For more details visit at

“It allows us great local marketing leverage. We can post special menu and regular list at our profiles for customers who are at the same interface. In fact, I think the best part about this app is that it is trendy, and many regular foodies are finding out about its perks. A customer can not only check the menu and place orders, but also reserve time, merge tables, communicate with the waiter, track the order at the kitchen, cancel it at the last moment, and make a cashless payment. Using it also furnishes us a psychological cutting edge over competitors who are yet to access these benefits.” He said with a proud smile.

The satisfaction was evident in the way the entrepreneur displayed the practical benefits of the product on his smartphone. Taking over the issue to a key restaurant POS system developer further revealed the features of the product. “It delivers an extensive organization tool for the modern manager. One can take stock of the inventory and the kitchen simultaneously. Use customer data to decide hit dishes. Compare peer services to obtain competitive edge. Resolve conflicts between kitchen and serving staffs. The opportunities are endless and we are regularly improving.” For more details of restaurant POS system visit at

The digital product definitely holds significant potential for benefiting a food service. However, its success also depends on bringing more regular diners within the fold by active content promotions.

Disclaimer: This reporter does not hold any obligations, financial or otherwise, with the services mentioned here. The only purpose of mentioning them is to establish a line of logical reasoning.

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Jan 07, 2017