Advanced Hair Studio Praised for Remarkable Results with Strand-by-Strand Hair Replacement Therapy-a winner of Victoria Export Award

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Advanced Hair Studio
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Unique Treatment Restores Full and Youthful Hair for Tens of Thousands Worldwide

Advanced Hair Studio is earning quite an unrivalled reputation all over the world for its extraordinary Strand by Strand hair replacement therapy. Effectively able to restore hair to its former glory in even the most severe of cases, clients are flocking forward with glowing feedback having once again discovered their long-absent self-confidence.

By tackling the problem exactly as it occurred – strand by strand – the treatment promises unprecedented results and the most natural look possible. What’s more, the wonderfully safe treatment process is painless, kind to the scalp and will not leave any scars behind. Even in instances where every treatment in the book has tried and come to nothing, Advanced Hair Studio is able to offer an effective solution like no other.

Life-Changing Results

"I am writing to commend you on the terrific program that I have been in now for the past 5 years. To be completely honest since receiving your strand-by-strand my life has changed dramatically... The results in my life are truly remarkable, and I owe it in a large way to Advanced Hair Studio." – MA Konig, Sydney

Advance Hair Studio is dedicated to delivering exceptional results through hard work and constant research. While most comparable hair restoration authorities rely on traditional hair replenishment methods that have remained unchanged for decades, Advanced Hair instead favours its own uniquely-devised and heavily researched methods that are unique to this brand alone.

Strand by Strand is one such method, which is carried out by the specialists at Advanced Hair Clinic. Obligation free consultations are on offer at the companies 65 locations all over the world and could represent the first step on a journey towards a better, more confident life.

Nothing to Lose, So Much to Gain

“I came to Advanced Hair for a free consultation and started on their program shortly afterwards. Jon Fort, the studio manager, was very supportive through the entire process and I found the program very easy to follow. Six years has passed and these days I am quite happy with how my hair looks. In fact it is hard to believe seeing me now that I was ever close to going bald. Advanced Hair made that happen and I would recommend their program to anyone losing their hair." – Mike, Canberra

Stunted confidence attributed to hair loss can be a serious detriment to everyday life. By contrast, a youthful and fully replenished head of hair can instill the kind of confidence it takes to seize each day for all its worth.

The feedback of Advanced Hair’s countless satisfied customers serves as concrete evidence as to what the brand is capable of in restoring not just hair, but the confidence needed to greet everyday with confidence and happiness.

About Advanced Hair Clinic:

Advanced Hair is the world’s premier authority on the treatment and prevention of hair loss and baldness. Founded back in 1973 and now spanning the entire world, Advanced Hair calls upon unique and extraordinary techniques and treatments to deliver results quickly, safely and affordably. For more information, get in touch with the team today.

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Advanced Hair is the world’s premier authority on the treatment and prevention of hair loss and baldness.

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Sep 05, 2014

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