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Advanced Sweeping understands the threat of mobile bugging. That is why they are very proud to present their Mobile Forensics technology.

Advanced Sweeping (, the best counter surveillance service provider in the UK, is very pleased to inform the public about their protection service against mobile bugging.

Due to the various features of a mobile phone, it has become a necessity in people’s daily lives. It can be used as a navigation tool, a communication tool, and a locator. But because mobile phones can contain a lot of data, such as photos, videos, and private messages, it is also vulnerable to security threats like bugging. If a phone is bugged, someone would be able to get the copies of important emails, listen to phone calls, and use GSM mapping to know a person’s location.

Advanced Sweeping understands the threat of mobile bugging. That is why they are very proud to present their Mobile Forensics technology. According to them, “Mobile phone usage worldwide has dramatically increased in recent years and as such the ease of communications anytime and anywhere has led to this investigation tool being regularly utilised in a large number of UK cases we investigate.”

If a person feels that his mobile is being bugged, Advanced Sweeping can help by conducting an on-site mobile phone malware and spyware analysis to detect any intrusive device or software installed in the mobile phone such as viruses, worms, and spyware.

Bugging a person’s mobile phone to track or to listen to a private conversation is against the Surveillance Devices Act 2017. Should the client wants to file a lawsuit against the person who bugged his device, Advanced Sweeping can conduct data extraction from the mobile phone to obtain digital evidence. To do this, the company would make a clone of the mobile device without altering any information it contains and gathers all the relevant data. The data will be used by Advanced Sweeping to make a valid extraction report, which can be presented to any court and tribunal.

Advanced Sweeping also wants to spread awareness by informing the public about the common signs of a bugged phone. Some of these common signs are unusual noises when using the phone, mobile phone lagging, slow response when turning off the phone, and odd text messages with random letters and numbers. If a mobile owner is experiencing any of these signs, it is best to have the gadget checked.

Mobile Forensics is just one of the bug sweeping services offered by Advanced Sweeping. If you are interested to know more about this company, you can log on to


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