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Bellrooms Ltd is dedicated in helping people generate income from their spare spaces.



Bellrooms Ltd ( is very pleased to inform the public that they offer free listing service to individuals who are looking into renting out their spare rooms at home. This is particularly beneficial for those who are looking into making additional income without much investments on their part.


At Bellrooms Ltd, homeowners can list up to 20 rooms or spaces they want to rent out at no charge at all. Creating a rental listing is very quick and easy as this can all be done online. Register for an account on Bellrooms Ltd’s website, by providing a username, password, phone number, and email address. To post a listing, pertinent details such as photographs, room type, description, availability, amenities, and location have to be provided by the homeowners. Once these details are filled up, the advertisement is published immediately.


It is also important to note that since the service is free, there are no advertisement upgrades and so everyone has a fair chance in finding tenants. Homeowners have full control over the rental policies and rates. Bellrooms Ltd even shared that they can earn £7,500 a year and they wouldn’t need to file a tax return. This information came from the Rent a Room Scheme approved by the UK Government.


Bellrooms Ltd is dedicated in helping people generate income from their spare spaces. According to the company, “Renting it may be one of the best things you could do as it is not just financially rewarding, but can be immensely socially rewarding too! People often crave that open space feeling and something which is theirs, even if its temporary. A vegetable allotment is a prime example, whereby the natural feeling of growing your own produce appeals to many. With so much unused land, it could be a wonderful opportunity to give people that opportunity and make some extra cash!”


Apart from spare rooms, other forms of spaces can also be rent out through Bellrooms Ltd. These include offices, driveways or parking lots, kitchens, studios, function and reception venues, storage areas, and many more. Know more about this company and their other offerings by logging on to


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Bellrooms Ltd is a listing website created for people who would like to make money through their empty spaces and for those who are looking for opportunities to fill those spaces. This company prides itself on their free listing service and very easy registration process. For those who would like to try their services, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with Bellrooms Ltd. They welcome enquiries and suggestions via phone number 01483 698 677 or email address Visit their official website,, to learn more.

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Bellrooms is about utilising any available space you may have so you can earn additional income for you and your family, by enabling you to make the most of your space while, at the same time, giving someone else the chance to use your space

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Apr 07, 2017