African Fair Trade Society: Providing Best Shea Butter Skin Care Products

Choosing skin care products from the African Fair Trade Society are perhaps the best option because they offer the best quality products. Moreover they use a share of the profits in helping the needy.

Never compromises with the quality of products

The level of pollution of the earth’s atmosphere is on an ever increasing spree. Everything is affected greatly by the pollution. The skin is the most sensitive among them. The more one's skin remains exposed to today’s pollution, the more prone to damage it is going to remain. Taking care of the skin should be a part of the daily regime. Several products are there available in the market and so it is important that one should choose the right kind of products for their delicate and unharmed skin. To help people be more conscious about healthy skin care products African Fair Trade Society has taken the initiative to provide skin friendly products.

About African Fair Trade Society

The company is founded by Ba and Fanta. They are from a small village in West African country Senegal known as Dakateli. They had always grown up picking fruit from the wild savannah tree. This delicious fruit is the source of Shea butter. Now they have immigrated to Canada and so their company, African Fair Trade Society is also based in Canada.

The company imports all the raw Shea butter extracts directly from Dakateli, Ghana and Senegal to ensure they get the best quality. This is later on utilized to manufacture Raw Shea Butter Products like soaps, shampoos and skin care lotions, etc. they market the packed products to Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba through internet, trade shows, and local community programs.

Objectives of African Fair Trade Society

African Fair Trade Society always works with the aim of helping the poor and needy. They work with passion and they are now associated to fund and look after the welfare of the impoverished communities of Western Africa. They invest in the Health and Education infrastructure of the rural villages of West Africa. Main objectives of them are as follows:

• Help to fund schools and promote education within the community for all the children.

• Provide support to the women role for their local economies.

• Provide medicine for Malaria treatment.

• Support building of a local health clinic.

Their Products

Some of the latest products that the company has launched are-

• Organic shea butter with Geranium Scented

• Argan avocado oil Shea butter- 2oz

• Large Organic Pure Shea Butter

• Organic Pure Raw Shea Butter – 2oz/ 4oz

Why Choose The Products Of African Fair Trade Society?

Many reasons can actually prompt their choice of the African Fair Trade Society. The very first reason is that all the products are manufactured in a sensitive environment taking special care of them. None of the products are tested on animals. No chemicals, mineral oil or filters are added to the products. All the Shea Butter Skin Care products are cold pressed. Moreover, the company ensures 100% satisfaction of the products with faster delivery.

Please feel free to contact them for further details.

Contact details:

African Fair Trade Society

Address- Box 118-2646, East Hastings, Vancouver BC, V5K 1Z6 Canada

Phone- 604-338-5346

Fax- 778-508-0098

Email- africanfairtradesociety[@]


Products or Services

African Fair Trade Society is one of the best Raw Shea Butter Products Wholesale suppliers in Canada. You can find best quality Shea Butter Products at affordable price. Get free shipping to Canada and US for over $60.

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African Fair Trade Society

Vancouver BC, V5K 1Z6 Canada
British Columbia
Phone : 604-338-5346
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Aug 18, 2017