Africhill Manufactures Top Quality and Well Built Cold Rooms

Africhill (in South Africa) specializes in manufacturing well built and highly insulated cold rooms that will help businesses to enjoy top quality cold storage solution.

If your business needs the goods and products to be stored in a cool and temperature-controlled environment, then consider a top quality cold storage solution. In this case, you can rely on one of the most competent cold and freezer room manufacturer in South Africa- Africhill. When it comes to building a top quality and highly functional cold, freezer rooms and blast freezers, then Africhill is considered to be the best choice. They are capable of building well insulated cold storing facilities like cold rooms, walk-in freezer and more that can be used by businesses like retail store, bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs and resorts.

You will get a customized cold storage solution from Africhill that will offer a great flexibility in the storage space. With them, you can customize a desired type of cold storage or freezer unit (that fulfills your storage requirements). This will offer you a plenty of storage space and help in saving money on the unnecessary money expenditure. Built with top quality insulated panels, the cold storage or the refrigeration facilities will offer temperature regulation controls as well as will also provide you the benefits of an effective temperature controlled environment. Using a well built cold storage facility like cold or freezer unit manufactured by Africhill, you can easily maintain the freshness and the quality of your goods or products for a long period of time.

They make sure in manufacturing top quality cold storage facilities using the highest standard of materials and products. They manufacture the cold storage facilities (built with top EPS panels), which keeps away pests and rodents as well as do not allow the growth of mold and mildew.
A few lines from Africhill,” We are the experts in manufacturing highly insulated freezer or cold rooms that can be customized as per your requirement and budget. Our cold storage unit comes with customizable facilities, adjustable temperature control and fully scaled that can be used for a wide range of application. Our team of engineers and technicians have vast years of experience and excellence in designing as well as manufacturing small to build cold storage projects. Using the cutting edge technologies, modern techniques and highest standard of materials, we are capable to deliver top quality cold storage units that will prove profitable for your business.”

About Africhill:

Africhill is one of the leading and most competent cold storage and refrigeration system manufacturer in South Africa. They specialize in manufacturing a wide variety of top quality freezer and cold rooms, condensing units and more, from which their 70 percent of production is for export.  Their manufacturing team consists of industry best professionals who are capable to deliver you the best solutions for your refrigeration and insulated structure needs.

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Jan 10, 2017