Afro Hair Solutions has launched a new website, which makes organic hair products.

Afro Hair Solutions, has launched a new website, that creates products for afro-textured hair, using organic ingredients.

The new website is home to a list of natural products, which are parabens, sulfate and silicone free. The site will be of great value to natural hair enthusiasts. “We expect tremendous sales through our convenient, user-friendly website” said Louisa.

“With our products, many natural hair fanatics will now be able to achieve natural healthy hair growth”.

The products will transform dry, brittle hair into smooth, shiny strands this is because of the special blends of butters and essential oils. That will help strengthen hair and stimulate follicles, for long healthy hair.

Afro Hair Solutions believe in the importance of embracing natural hair, but we also recognise the difficulties that occur when caring for our hair such as dryness or breakage. Afro Hair needs daily moisture to stop breakage and help it become suppler and elastic.

Products include ‘Scalp Reviver Mask’ (RRP starting from GBP 5.99) which contains Peppermint Essential Oil which helps improve condition of the scalp by unclogging hair follicles and lifting dead skin cells resulting in beautiful hair and a clear scalp.

Another amazing product is the ‘Let it Grow’ Hot oil treatment (RRP starting from GBP 5.00) that has the unusual but brilliant Curry Leaf Essential Oil. Curry leaf is known in India for promoting long, luscious hair growth and a remedy for hair loss. It also helps to seal in moisture.

The entire range contains oils that penetrate deep into the hair shaft to prevent breakage and heal dry ends. They help to restore moisture, detangle hair and make your hair more manageable overall. Our products will help your hair look and feel at its best.

All the products available are tried and tested and we only sell products that we believe in and that you can trust. We also hand make some of the products ourselves in the UK, so we know exactly what goes into it. All our products are made to order so it stays as fresh as possible.

On this website you can find useful tips and secrets as well as advice on how to use each of our products.


Our products are known for strengthening Afro Hair and leading a healthier lifestyle choice. We have been featured in numerous top black magazines, such as Black Hair and Black Beauty and Hair, BEN TV and on Bang Radio for our products. We are also stocked in Ankh Wellbeing Centre in Shepherd’s Bush and Xsandy’s Hair & Beauty in Peckham and Lewisham and G Baldwin & Co. The company’s website is at, which contains additional information.

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We make natural products for afro textured hair, which helps to strengthen and grow.

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Aug 29, 2016