Airwheel A3 high quality CE approved stand and sit Scooter

The launch of Airwheel A3 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter is a new beginning of both self-balancing electric scooter sector and all travel transports.

Many people show interest in such intelligent and fancy hi-tech product like self-balancing electric scooter. Meanwhile, they are worried about safety of such scooter. Is electric self-balancing scooter braking through control of center of gravity safe? Airwheel A3 2 wheel electric scooter provides a good solution to such concern. The new e-brake system allows electric balancing scooter to be a part of mainstream transportation system.

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Airwheel A3 overturns traditional electric scooters with its new pose. A3 sitting-posture electric scooters are the first attempt of Airwheel. Different from other Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooters, the seat has been added into the A3 design, which solves the balance-control problem under the sitting state. The new leather saddle solves balance control problem of users when they are sitting. Traditional standing-posture scooters can cover only a short distance while the leather saddle allows riders to sit down and realize long-distance travelling in cities.

The newly designed e-brake system is another highlight of Airwheel A3 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter. When user presses down the e-brake switch during traveling, the scooter will give a braking response within 0.5 seconds and will not move forward due to inertia for more than 50cm, so as to ensure safety of riders. Such a design has dispelled worries of a large number of existing consumers about safety of somatosensory self-balancing scooter and greatly reduced mental shade of users’ willingness to buy the scooter in terms of safety.

Since the Airwheel A3, its intelligent electric scooters have been coupled with a mobile App. Riders can monitor data on their scooters in real time on mobile phones, know about riding status and even update and calibrate scooters via the APP. The APP will also be incorporated into every Airwheel scooter gradually.

Airwheel A3 2-wheeled electric scooter is the in-depth intellectualization and also indicates it will cooperate with the third party to offer more smart services, such as customization, social network or remote control and so on, to consumers. Airwheel A3 creates a new way of riding.

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Oct 26, 2016