Airwheel E3 2016 New Intelligent Backpack Electric Bike Accompanies People Every Warm Wint

Airwheel E3 is called backpack electric bicycle, because it can be folded and put in an exclusive backpack.

Finally, the winter comes. Many people hate but also love this season. They hate it because of low temperature, while they love it, for its unique beauty, like snow-covered landscape and warm sunlight. It is the best time to take a trip in warm winter afternoon. It seems as if every cell in the body warms up. At this moment, an effective tool plays a key role and Airwheel E3 backpack electric bicycle must be the best choice.

Airwheel E3 electric bicycle is equipped with an exclusive backpack. When it is folded, it can be put in the backpack. The backpack has wheels and people can push it like a suitcase. Then, people can start a winter afternoon journey anytime. People can take subway and go to beautiful countryside that is the closest place to great nature. Now, people can open the backpack and unfold Airwheel E3 electric bicycle. Then, ride it and weave on the open grassland freely. Its two small tyres are full of energy. The unique tread pattern in tyres paves the way for better road adaptability. It can run on the road of countryside like a wind. The sunlight is so warm, the air is so cool, the sky is so blue and the cloud is the white.

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If people don’t like distant countryside, city sightseeing is also a good idea. Maybe, many people think that they are quite familiar with their living city. Quick life pace must make people ignore too much about their living city. In this warm winter afternoon, Airwheel E3 Smart E Bike will accompany them. People will find that the city really changes a lot all these years. The whole city is full of a strong sense of modernization. However, a century-old food shop in the street corner may still be there and the taste doesn't change at all. Life is so nice.

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Dec 02, 2016