Airwheel E6 intelligent Folding Electric Bike, a Great Transport Within University Campus

Airwheel E6 folding E bike offers safe and high-efficiency riding for all people. In recent, another consumer group comes into being, which is made up of university students.

University campus is a free and beautiful paradise. Usually, it contains tens of thousands of students, teachers and other staffs. It is why university campus is very big. When entering a campus, people will find that many students choose bike as their daily travel transport. However, the university authority is quite contradictory. For one thing, students indeed need an alternative transport within big campus. For another thing, the accident caused by bicycling will happen now and then. Recently, Airwheel E6 folding E bike is accepted by more and more university students. It offers students safe and efficient riding.

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Compared with ordinary bikes, Airwheel E6 smart electric folding bike is much smaller and thus is much easier to control. In the meantime, the power of Airwheel E6 smart electric folding bike is supplied by imported lithium-ion battery, which paves the way for labor-saving riding. Usually, accident is caused by fast speed and dull brake.

However, the maximum speed of Airwheel E6 smart electric folding bike is within 20km/h. What is more, it is equipped with intelligent EBS brake system, which offers stable, quick and safe brake in emergency. In addition, it also adopts double suspension system. Therefore, it enjoys much stronger adaptability to some difficult road conditions and also offers stable riding experience.

Airwheel E6 electric folding bike has powerful multiple folding system. In other words, it can be folded into very small figure and put in any small spaces. In the classroom or library, students can fold it and put it under desk. In the dormitory, they can put it in a wall corner. It will save students much valuable time. In cold winter and hot summer, shortening the time on road is really important. Moreover, Airwheel E6 electric bicycle is equipped with a high-efficiency USB connector that supplies power for cell phone, USB night light or USB fan. All in all, Airwheel E6 electric bicycle makes campus life wonderful.

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Nov 17, 2016