Allmax Isoflex: The Protein Perfect For The New Bodybuilder

Goldstar Supplements are currently making Allmax Isoflex available for lower than the standard retail price

For those new to the world of bodybuilding and weightlifting the range of supplements can be daunting. The high visibility of many brands at big events around the world, as well as high profile product endorsements, can leave those looking for help left confused about which to choose. Goldstar Supplements, the most trusted brand in the UK for all supplements and advice, appreciate the problem this creates. With a firmly established record of representing only the best and most trusted products and supplements in the market, Goldstar are proud to be the UK's number one supplier of Allmax, a brand long associated with bringing excellence to newcomers.

Allmax is a brand well known by bodybuilders and weightlifters worldwide. In addition to a strong, regular presence at events such as the Arnold Classic they also sponsor Louise Rogers, the award winning UK athlete, IFBB Pro and host of the popular 'Perfect Body Workout'. The true passion of the brand, however, is for endorsing and supporting amateur events, as well as sponsoring amateur bodybuilders to help them reach for the top. This passion is reflected in their products, with a strong focus on bringing the maximum benefit to men and women who are new to fitness, weightlifting and bodybuilding.

Although Allmax is trusted and used by professionals worldwide, the universal benefit the products deliver generally makes them ideal for those new to supplements. The highly popular protein powder Isoflex is an example of why this is the case. Isoflex is one of the purest whey protein isolates available. The micro-filtration used to extract protein to make it with removes the less absorbable parts usually associated with whey, and further enables a faster, responsive delivery system. This ensures that you get only what you need from Isoflex, and get it in the most efficient way possible for your body.

Goldstar Supplements are proud to represent Allmax in the United Kingdom. In their experience Isoflex brings benefit for all, with those new to fitness, training and bodybuilding in particular making the significant gains through using it as part of their complete and comprehensive program. To make Allmax Isoflex more accessible to both new and experienced weightlifters and bodybuilders Goldstar are, for a limited time, making it available for lower than 70% of the recommended retail price.

Mimi Bonny, one of the most respected and recognized female bodybuilders around the world, recently described Allmax as the preferred choice within the fitness community. Mimi went on to explain that the lower fat, the better quality protein and the very good taste were the key factors that made Isoflex the leading option. This is the kind of endorsement which encourages new bodybuilders and inspires seasoned weightlifters. Goldstar Supplements are proud to represent a brand which has widespread acclaim from the community which it serves to benefit.

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Mar 02, 2016