Amazing Antique Furniture to Make A Contrast in Modern and Classic Styles

Buy furniture from including Oriental furniture, Indian furniture, Dining room furniture and Leather sofa.

Nothing can surpass the warmth of rustic style furniture. Whether it is on a modern home or a traditional cottage, the natural finish and wood grain can ad ambience to any home giving the feeling of being at one with nature. With the trend for mixture of styles, our collection can add a welcoming atmosphere that you expect to see on interior design homes or in Grand Designs. We have customers who we have successfully helped create a interior designer look by blending French Style Furniture, Oriental Cabinets, Oak Furniture, and White Furniture of all kinds.

Shiraz Shic offer affordable unique custom furniture which reflects the taste and personality of each homeowner. Each of our collections has unique design styles and finish options. Offering all of our different Chinese Furniture, Vintage Furniture and French Style Furniture collections in one place makes it easy to get the right combination of design, style, color, and cost for any homeowner, hotel or property developer.

Our design team stands ready to offer suggestions to help you make all the right selections and help in exploring Antique Furniture and all the design options we offer. We have sorted all of our furniture and accessories by style. We are proud to offer the various different ranges of Contemporary modern furniture and home decor accessories from Cabinets, to tables, sofas, chairs, wardrobes, console tables and home furnishings. Our antique furniture can be the focal point of your home, lounge, landing or conversation for months to come.

We’re big on comfort – and we won’t sell anything that we don’t think is comfortable. You will enjoy exploring our cottage country home style furniture and Vintage Furniture ranges. We can help you make the choices to create a country home that is all about you. You can see everything available for every style with all the options and colors to customize your décor. We are here to answer any and all questions you may have about our products and design possibilities. Enjoy exploring each style at!

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Shiraz Shic was formed from a passion for Oriental arts and antiques. The owners have travelled around the world and sourced exceptional and distinctive pieces. Our special collection of furniture brings a fresh global view to the world of interior design

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Aug 14, 2014