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The economic development of a country is dependent on a number of factors. Its natural resources, its climatic conditions, trade of the nation, so forth and so on.

Perhaps the most important factor which strengthens the foundation of the progress is the populus of that country, because its the people who can drive a country further or drive it into a ditch. In order to ensure the progress, sowing a strong foundation is the most important thing to do and that is done through education. Literacy is the primary target of the government as seen by the number of colleges, universities and institutions in India. With this development, India is rapidly becoming an international destination for education that offers admission for foreign students in India .

Education is not just the tool that helps a country in shaping up its own future, but it also also is a bridge which connects us with rest of the world. International education systems and its ever-expanding perimeter has created a communication channel which allows us to gain & share knowledge with each other. It has opened a gateway for foreign culture into India & vice-verse. International education plays a very important role in constantly adding something new to one’s personality and nourish their career prospects. As a result of that, a lot of countries have well-renowned colleges which offer excellent international study programs to students and the count is growing. India has always been the center of attraction due to its vivid culture, mystic rituals, spiritual aura and educational system. Jeweled with institutes like IIT, Delhi University, Mumbai University, Pune University. etc. Indian education’s crown shines across the globe. With educators like Symbiosis group of Institutes, an esteemed University in India for international students, the country has become a popular choice for students across the world to attain education from.

Symbiosis International University is a well-established name in the sector of International Studies. They have partnership with near about 29 International Universities in a number of countries such as Australia, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, UK, USA, South Africa and so on. With a reach to all these international educational destinations, students get all the exposure they require and along with that, amazing opportunities as well. The educational cooperation with these many institutions, students get to have a true educational experience of joint research, cultural exchange, academic collaboration and overall development. The Symbiosis Center For International Education presents the most intuitive international initiatives, designed to create a comfortable, hospitable and progressive environment for the students. With complete assistance related to registration activities, accommodation arrangements, faculty meet-ups, academic calender set-ups, etc., Symbiosis offers a systematic growth track to the students and arranges activities to introduce them with the India culture and city for making them feel welcome.Symbiosis University for International education in Pune is the best place to get rich education and bright career.




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The Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE) is an integral part of the University, providing leadership and support to internationalize the campus and the curricula.

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Jan 18, 2017