Animalia Photography Exhibition With Juror Arlette Kayafas

Mingle with featured artists & art lovers at our reception Friday, April 14th from 5:30-8:00 pm


Animalia Events Dates
Exhibition: April 7 – May 13, 2017 Free Admission
Artist Talks: April 14, Doors at 5:30, Talks from 6:00 – 7:00 pm Free Public Reception: April 14, from 7:00 - 8:00 pm Free

Animalia Photography Exhibition | With Juror Arlette Kayafas I spent several long sessions looking at and reviewing the photographs – each encounter revealed more...whether it was a specific animal or place...I began to perceive a continuing theme of dignity. Having only experienced relationships with domesticated house pets, the journey to other places and more exotic animals was exciting. The power in the portrait of a crow or rescued sheep was intense and could not be ignored. The everyday images of pets in our home and our personal relationships were often humorous but usually revealed a connection, an emotional trust, and respect. –Arlette Kayafas for C4FAP

47 Featured Artists: Nicole Allen, Anne Berry, Karen Cohen, Sarah Corbin, Vernon DiPetro, Jim Dratfield, Dianne Drinnon, Mitch Eckert, Carol Erb, Anna Evert-DeHoag, Lane Gower, Pierre Hauser, Corey Hendrickson, Ileana Hernandez, Scott Herndon, Jennifer Steensma Hoag, Janet Holmes, Mark Hopkins, Melinda Hurst Frye, Mary Shannon Johnstone, Tom Jones, Siobhan Keleher, Carolyn Knorr, Ivan Koota, Linda Kuo, JJ L'Heureux, Dale Livingston, Joyce P. Lopez, Carol Lyon, Jolanta Mazur, Suzzane Metzel, Willard Pate, Bev Pettit, Lori Pond, Wendi Schneider, Wendell Shinn, Polly Steinmetz, Monica Stevenson, JP Terlizzi, Mara Trachtenberg, Tracy Wascom, Dawn Watson, Don Wolfe and Robyn Wood.


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Mar 24, 2017