Anthem Chiropractic In Las Vegas Corrects Poor Posture In Children And Adults

Anthem Chiropractic clinic offers posture correction solutions for area patients. No invasive or pharmaceutical methods are employed.

Henderson NV, 18-FEBRUARY-20150 - Anthem Chiropractic and Dr. Derek Day, DC are pleased to announce that they have the techniques which can eliminate posture problems, regardless of the age of the patient. Bad posture can have multiple secondary effects on the body, depending upon the age and physical condition. The Las Vegas NV chiropractor is skilled and experienced in identifying any structural or muscular problems which cause the body to slump.

Testing the posture against recognized standards is one of the first techniques used by Dr. Day. There are images which can be collected and measurements to be taken to determine the scope and location of the problem. Posture problems go beyond slumped shoulders which are the bane of adolescents. There can be uneven hip levels which cause pain throughout the body.

A leg that is slightly shorter than the other can create spinal problems including back pain. Subluxations in the vertebral column are not unusual and fortunately can be adjusted by the doctor. It is recognized by the doctor that the health of the spine is associated with the overall health of the body. Spinal adjustments not only realign the spinal column, but have positive effects on the muscles and connective tissue.

Young children's bones are more flexible and pliable than those of their grandparents. Training exercises, religiously practiced by those with poor posture will cause improved overall body health. Senior citizens may have a different type of posture problems. Stooped alignment is a problem with many older people. The doctor looks for ways to improve the specific problem for each of the patients.

Learn more about correction of posture problems by going to the web pages online at today. Http:// who have questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Day at the location listed below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Derek Day, DC
Company Name: Anthem Chiropractic
Address: 10170 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 110, Henderson, NV 89052
Contact Telephone Number: (702) 614-6777

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