Applied Nutrition Critical Mass - The Means To Build Muscle And Retain It

Goldstar Supplements are proud suppliers of one of the world's most popular high potency weight gainer products

One of the biggest challenges to gaining body mass in order to best enhance building muscle is getting in place the perfect diet to support it. Striking the balance in a diet that allows for a weight gain that can be transformed into sustainable muscle is a challenge, in particular when factors such as a high metabolic rate have to be considered. To promote getting the perfect balance in place through allowing more focus on workout rather than diet, Goldstar Supplements are proud to supply the internationally acclaimed Applied Nutrition Critical Mass product to the UK sports, bodybuilding and workout market.

Applied Nutrition Critical Mass was designed and developed to deliver the maximum level of benefit to those wanting or needing to rapidly build mass and muscle. The two most prominent instances of this being the case are for those who have a high metabolic rate and thus cannot retain mass long enough to transform into muscle, and those involved in high energy exerting sports, in particular rugby and boxing. The Critical Mass supplement is a high potency weight gainer that enables both of these cases - and others - to get both the mass to turn into muscle and to sustain mass retention in a desired way.

Critical Mass works via a specific combination of ingredients identified and proven to be the best for supplying protein, carbohydrates and fats to the body. Whilst the protein is required to provide the materials to build muscle with, the correct kind of carbohydrate intake is essential to both preserve muscle tissue and to prevent loss of it. The fats selected for inclusion are ones which enable bodies to recover after intensive workouts and sporting endeavours whilst providing the minimal level of cross-interference possible against what is achieved with the protein and carbohydrates. Whereas the ingredients used in the blends of protein, carbohydrates and fats give a limited level of effectiveness individually, the combination within Critical Mass has seen the creation of the most supportive body mass supplement yet to be made available.

Goldstar Supplements are the UKs leading and long trusted supplier of products designed to assist and enhance bodybuilding, workouts and sporting activities. Their status has been achieved through supplying only proven and qualified products, as well as always making available expert guidance and assistance to those seeking to get the supplements which will best benefit them. It is in accordance with these principles that Goldstar are delighted to be able to make Applied Nutrition Critical Mass available in the UK at accessible pricing.

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Sep 15, 2015