Arctic Chiropractic South Anchorage, Educates Locals About Spinal Health

Arctic Chiropractic provides educational tips and suggestions to local residents. Improving spinal health through proactive measures is a key element of chiropractic care.

Anchorage AK, 04-MAY-2015 - Arctic Chiropractic and Dr. Lee Waldroup DC, are pleased to announce that spinal health techniques are presented to individuals and groups in the area as a public service by the doctor. The Anchorage chiropractor is knowledgeable about the techniques and philosophy of chiropractics, which includes tips on spinal health. Posture, exercise, proper nutrition and other factors are all elements in maintaining the health of the vertebral column.

The human spinal column is an amazing and complex structure. A series of vertebrae is stacked atop each other in a flexible arrangement. They are cushioned by gel-filled pillows which absorb shocks and permit the turning, twisting and bending which is essential to most activities. The spinal cord runs from the brain stem to the base of the spine. Nerves run from the spinal cord to all other parts of the body.

In addition to the spine itself, there is soft tissue which provides support and alignment to hold the vertebrae in place. Eliminating subluxations is one of the techniques which improve spinal health. This can be done by the chiropractic measures employed. There are also actions which locals can take to improve spinal health. Many of these are preventative in nature.

Improving posture is something that everyone can learn how to do. There are exercises which strengthen the supporting muscles and improve the overall alignment. Avoiding incorrect techniques for lifting is another preventative measure. Most people don't realize the importance of lifting with the legs rather than the back. Another easy-to-use tip is the quality of the sleeping arrangements. The right mattress supports and soothes the spinal column.

Learn more about spinal health by paying a visit to the links at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the content of this press release can contact Dr. Lee Waldroup at the location described below.

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May 04, 2015

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