Arctic Heat Pumps Offers Air Source Heat Pump for Cold Weather-An cost effective approach

Arctic Heat Pumps stocks a huge selection of heat pumps for cold weather like energy efficient and cost-effective Air Source Heat Pump, Hydronic Heat Pump on sale.

Arctic Heat Pumps specializes in providing Arctic series heat pumps that are the most advanced and cost effective air source heat pumps on the market. They are considered as the most efficient CCHP in North America. The Arctic Heat Pumps are designed to integrate with a solar thermal heater quickly – which in turn increases overall efficiency and operations costs of the whole system by a 20%. When it comes to Arctic Heat Pump, solar thermal is a perfect alternative to utilizing with the heat pump that can add an additional 47,000 BTU per day on an average. Using Sunrain Solar Vacuum tube collectors, the vacuum tubes at the heat pump can be able to provide hot water to the system even during the middle of the coldest North American winter. No matter what, these solar vacuum tube collectors are well-known as the top technological solution in the North America. Offering a 10-year warranty, Arctic Heat Pumps ensures higher efficiency of solar vacuum tube – which allows it to produce energy even during cloudy days. Though the engineers offer this solar vacuum tube an 80% efficiency rating – which means it captures and delivers 80% of solar energy.


The solar vacuum tubes use heat pipe technology to transfer solar energy to a heat bulb – that can reach a temperature of 300 C. Each collector contains 20 or 30 bulbs are inserted into an insulated copper header – which is known as a heat exchanger. Transferring heat energy to the heat exchanger, the heat pipes allow heat to a special glycol heating fluid. Each and every header comprises of 0.6 gallons or 2.2 liters of heating fluid. However, a temperature sensor is connected with the header heat exchanger. However, a second temperature sensor is kept in the bottom part of the Heat pump buffer tank and an availability of differential controller with the help of a pump unit can sense temperature. When the heating fluid reaches the top of the collector, the water temperature in the buffer tank gradually increases and the pump is activated – which starts the energy transfer. The hot heating fluid is then circulated throughout the heat exchanger which is present right at the bottom of the tank. After that, the energy is transferred to the storage tank and delivered to the home heating system simultaneously.


“Our Arctic heat pump in cold weather comes with a Sun Rain TZ581800 20 R collector, one Sun Rain Mini Pump Station, a 5 gallon Solar Glycol heating fluid, RESol BS/2 Differential Controller, a PD displacement drill pump for filling system, All fittings ¾” FTP quick connect fittings with high temp ceramic gaskets, Zimlet solar expansion tank and 100 x feet of Aurora Solar Piping Stainless steel with ¾” insulated line set and temperature wire. For more information about our heat pump in cold climate, feel free to contact us today”, says one of the spokespersons of Arctic Heat Pumps.


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Arctic Heat Pumps supplies highly efficient, superb quality heat pumps for cold climate ensuring a great efficiency amongst its counterparts on the market. Featuring vacuum tube collectors, the Arctic heat pump in cold weather captures and delivers 80% efficiency ratings. For more details, please visit the website at


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