Arctic Heat Pumps Offers the Best Quality Air Source Heat Pumps for Cold Climates

Arctic Heat Pumps manufactures the most efficient air source heat pumps for cold climates that have no match in both price and performance.

Arctic Heat Pumps, a revolutionary series of heat pumps manufacturer and distributor in Winnipeg, Canada, offers top quality air source heat pumps for cold climates that remain unmatched in terms of price and performance. These heat pumps are engineered and designed with an advanced air-to-water technology to function constantly in cold climate below -25 C and save users up to 30% on energy cost.  

Industry leading components including Mitsubishi EVI DC inverter compressors, Chico digital control system and German Wilo pumps are put into use in each unit of Arctic cold climates heat pumps. Unlike other air source heat pumps on the market, Arctic Heat Pumps can efficiently serve the heating needs ranging from domestic hot water to space heating/cooling and can even integrate perfectly to any hot tub or pool. And with built-in back, intelligent defrosting, precise temperature control and many other special features harnessed together, you can enjoy a complete weather proof house with Arctic heat pumps for cold climates that cost much less than traditional geothermal heat pumps.

Geothermal and cold climates heat pumps work on the similar technology to save users in both heating and cooling costs.  However, the Arctic series air source heat pumps are comparatively new and a more cost effective alternative when it comes to use a heat pump outside in extremely cold temperature of North America, Canada and other areas around the world. Using sealed connections and robustly designed to function uninterruptedly in cold climate condition, they can be a great investment and addition for home, shop and office owners in cold climate areas. With reduced installation costs, strong COP and well built outdoor model, Arctic heat pumps for cold climates will play a significant role in climate control.

“Our Arctic Series Heat Pumps for cold climates are the most revolutionary and cost efficient air source heat pumps available on the market. Coming with 4.5w in-built backup storage, they are able to heat your office, home, shop and hot tub/pool in the darkest and coldest days of the year. Fitted with the high quality components like Mitsubishi EVI compressor together with DC variable speed input, our cold climates heat pumps assure be active in weather as cold as -25 C. Not only will they heat up your home but can also chill your living place in the summer season, while still generating heat for residential hot water or hot tubs and pools,” said a spokesperson of Arctic Heat Pumps.

Arctic Heat Pumps are designed to cover all of your heating needs down to -25 C. Their heating element inside the buffer tank will automatically switch on to deliver additional energy if the water falls below this point for a few days in a year. To check out the models, features and pricing of Arctic heat pump for cold climates, you can visit

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Arctic Heat Pumps is a Canada based manufacturer and supplier of best performing Arctic Series Cold Climate Heat pumps that are based on the most revolutionary air-to-water technology. It has great choices in air source heat pumps for cold climates that have an in-built backup facility and lower purchase price than geothermal heat pumps. Whether it is the purpose of heating your home, office, shop, pool or hut tub in weather as low as -25 C, great savings can be earned on operational cost of Arctic heat pumps for cold climates.

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Aug 09, 2017