Arsha Yoga Dham Brings an Enriching 7 Day Yoga and Vedanta Retreat in Pokhara, Nepal

This Press Release announces the launch of a 7 Day Yoga and Vedanta Retreat in Pokhara, Nepal, conducted by Arsha Yoga Dham.

Arsha Yoga Dham - a premier school of traditional yoga learning based in India is now conducting an enriching Yoga-Vedanta Retreat in the blissful land of Pokhara, Nepal. Presenting a merger of various yoga forms—Ashtanga, Hatha, and Laughter Yoga with supportive meditation and Vedanta as its core philosophy, the upcoming retreat in September will be a uniquely engaging program. In this one-week retreat, one will have guidance in restorative yoga, mantra chanting and meditating, Ayurvedic spa and massages, yoga cleansing and therapy, three nutritious yogic meals a day, daily trips to local places of attraction, and lessons in the holism of Vedanta philosophy by esteemed traditional Indian masters.

The Location: Except for the curricular attractions of this program, one can consider joining solely for soaking in the blissful ambience of the Himalayan grandeur of Nepal’s Pokhara. This lake city in the wake of winter during September is famed for unearthly beauty. The silence of the hills and the pleasurable cold air surrounding the hill territory will be naturally conducive for meditation and let the spiritual vibrations be felt.

Outside the usual activities, the retreat also includes several pleasurable activities like boating in the Phewa Lake, sunrise yoga at Sarangkot, and exploring nature trails in the surrounding hills. Peace seekers coming to the retreat can easily and effectively find time for self absorption through these activities.

The Food: In the retreat, there will be three daily meals provided. The food is prepared in tune with Ayurvedic norms of preservation. Packed with tastefulness and health, the food will come as an essential part of the self sustaining yogic lifestyle. While on the retreat one can learn in detail about the use of spices and herbal concoctions in maintenance of health and wellbeing in daily life.

The Next Step: The yoga retreat program will serve as an essential introduction for enthusiasts who want to advance their learning in yoga. With more involved and improved self practice and a glimpse into Vedanta philosophy earned in this retreat program, participants can look forward to yoga teacher training programs in the future.


The dates for this 7 Day Yoga and Vedanta Retreat in Pokhara, Nepal is 24th to 30th September, enrolments are now open. 

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Jun 29, 2017