Arsha Yoga Dham Tries To Break the Myth That Yoga Is Only For Women

Arsha Yoga Dham tries to reestablish the faith that yoga is one of the perfect forms of exercise for both men and women.

Yoga is often considered to be something that is done by only women, but men, too, can derive the same benefits from doing yoga. This misconception usually stems from the thought that yoga is a lighter form of exercise and therefore, better suited for women. Arshayogadham is trying to therefore break away the myth and developing itself as one of the more prominent yoga and meditation retreats in Rishikesh.

Here are some benefits of yoga for men:

Yoga helps in building muscles evenly

Most of the exercises done by men is to attain a toned body along with fitness. While other form of exercises usually tones a single muscle, with yoga, men can build their muscles evenly throughout their body. Most of the classes including the ones conducted at Arsha Yoga Dham aims to achieve overall body conditioning for improved fitness and health.

Yoga helps in increasing the deadlift strength

A recent research done on men yogis revealed that their deadlift strength increased over a period of time especially if they did join 200 hour yttc India. Furthermore, yoga was found to also improve shoulder and hamstring flexibility.

Improved flexibility meant less injuries

In any of the yoga and meditation retreats in Rishikesh,you will learn that yoga involves a lot of controlled body movements and efficient exercise of different parts of the body. This means the muscles are slowly trained to cooperate more harmoniously than previously thought.

Improves overall stamina

One of the biggest benefits of yoga is that it improves respiratory and cardiovascular function and builds muscle strength. Since men are known to be more susceptible to cardiovascular diseases enrolling themselves in yoga classes help them to improve their overall health.

Help counter the negative effects of other physical activities

Our hectic lifestyle makes it difficult to live stress free. Even if we try and escape to vacations, our inherent habits does not relax us as we would have liked. This is the reason that retreats like Arshayogadham flourishes. Their yoga and meditation retreats in Rishikeshis designed to help young yogis counter the negative effects of all other physical activities and de-stress themselves.


All these things make yoga the perfect form of exercise irrespective of the gender. The combination of improved stamina, better muscle strength and improved flexibility makes this a form of exercise which should be tried by everyone. 

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Sep 04, 2017