Artificial Intelligence program is the future of Information Technology!

Human mind is complex in nature and difficult to understand. Our ability to visualize has no limitation.

Human mind is complex in nature and difficult to understand. Our ability to visualize has no limitation. Decades ago computer was impossible phenomenon for the society and today we cannot live without computer. If we stop advancing in technology then what would be the result? An answer to a question is our life will experience some sort of stagnation for sure.

Artificial intelligence as a term suggests is relatively new but not the latest development in the area of information technology. Hollywood has made numerous films on the subject to give a thought about a new door to the future under sci-fi genre. However, many people still do not know about artificial intelligence and how to comprehend the technology?

Artificial intelligence is executed through the software program which dictates a computer to obey every command given by you in various forms for example an operator can give command to the machine via speech recognition system, natural language generation program, virtual agent, deep learning platform etc.

Imagine if tomorrow your personal computer opens up a browser and take you directly to the website then how easy it will be for you to carry out other task at the same time? It will bring ease and comfort to your life. At present Artificial intelligence software is hired by big multinational companies.

We also need to understand about the goal of this technology. Artificial intelligence can be used for the purpose of reasoning and problem solving. Researchers are working on developing an algorithm that will grasp human’s ability to solve the puzzle in step by step manner.

It is also looked up on as a source for knowledge representation; a computer will be programmed to decode relations between the objects, categories, properties etc. in nutshell a machine will be taught everything about the human world and the functionality. Artificial intelligence program can also be used in planning, so if it succeed in the attempt strategy formulation will become little easy. It will benefit the national army in multiple ways for example autonomous weapon system.


We shall also learn about the unique applications of artificial intelligence software in general. This technology can be used in self driven vehicles although heavy research is being carried out on the concept of self driven vehicles it may happen a reality anytime soon.

In future human beings will strive to heavily depend on such technology and will use it as extension for the practical purpose. It may largely benefit disabled people because robotic arm or limb attached to their body will enable them to accomplish any task. It will be the amalgamation of robotic science and Cyborg technology.

Above discussed usages and benefits are general overview of artificial intelligence technology but in our day to day life we may prefer to rely on it simply by recording the voices and training our personal computers to perform any task for us without using a keyboard and mouse is excellent example. You will be blown away with its impeccable ability to deliver on every single command.

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Human mind is complex in nature and difficult to understand. Our ability to visualize has no limitation.

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Jul 06, 2017