Assured Payments And Security In The London Guaranteed Rent Market

Finefair provide the certainty of London property success in a time of political and economic uncertainty

Investment property owners in London face uncertainty in knowing how best to secure yield returns in the current market. Whilst demand for property in London remains high, the political and economic forecasts are dominated by uncertainty over imminent events such as the EU referendum. The challenge faced is in obtaining the highest, most secure financial returns on property in a way that takes advantage of the high demand, yet remains safeguarded against the present economic uncertainty. Finefair, with over a decade of success, are the proven name for bringing property owners the perfect solution to this challenge.

Finefair were at the forefront of introducing the services of Council Leasing and Guaranteed Rent to London. The pioneering approach they provide sees property owners achieve the fixed and assured returns on investment they want, whilst local authorities gain use of the properties they require. Delivering success to all parties involved in the London property market has seen Finefair accredited with the prestigious preferred supplier of services status by the majority of London Boroughs. This in turn gives property owners the confidence and trust in services they need, which has made Finefair the leading name in the London property market.

Whilst most London property owners are aware of how urgently housing is required in the city, most are reluctant to rent or lease their properties directly. A recent survey of Landlords show that over 80% of owners did not lease to tenants without a current property, and further that more than half of property owners decline to lease directly to tenant who use housing benefits. Finefair enables access to this market in a way that addresses the concerns of owners. The expert property management services of Finefair ensures that properties are maintained to the condition they were in when the rental agreement commenced.

Finefair have a unique and peerless approach to guaranteed rent. London property owners are assured of receiving fixed payments on set dates, with no condition in respect of occupancy being imposed. The Finefair approach is committed to ensuring the very best and most profitable service level experience possible in the capital city.

London, despite the uncertainty surrounding the political and economic direction of the nation, is widely expected to remain as the most sought after place for living space in the world throughout 2016. Finefair are established as name known for delivering the greatest success possible in the most strongly contested property markets around the globe.

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Finefair are London's leading official guaranteed rent scheme organization. Their services have been awarded preferred supplier status across the London Boroughs.

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Mar 01, 2016