Assuring The Legacy Of Gravestone Inscriptions

UK Memorial Service understands and appreciates the importance of words which appear on a headstone

For many decades in the UK headstones have been a matter of high importance in burials and funeral services. Beyond the practicalities of them being a marker of where the deceased lay, they reflect important aspects of the life they lived. Ensuring that this information - whether it be an account of their date of birth and their passing or a memorable and important quotation - is observed and read throughout the years ahead means only the finest of gravestone inscriptions should be carried out. That the gravestone inscriptions etched and placed by UK Memorial Service a number of years ago are still clear and legible today stands as a testament to their renowned skills in respect of this important service.

Headstone inscriptions have in some cases become as well known and celebrated as the person whose life they reflect. The most famous instance of this in the UK is perhaps that of Spike Milligan, who at his own request has "I told you I was ill" inscribed. Whilst this serves to show his love of comedy to the last, it also indicates an important consideration to me made when selecting an inscription for a gravestone. This is to say the words must reflect that which was of the greatest importance to the deceased.

Many believe that a Biblical quote or Christian verse is the correct and appropriate choice for a gravestone inscription. Whereas it is true that this is the case for many - and usually means that words of great comfort are in place for those left behind to read and remember - one does not have to limit their choice to it. Any words which are apt to commemorate the deceased - and are both sensitive and suitable for being on public display in burial grounds - may be chosen. Many find that a phrase or saying used often by the deceased brings a great deal of comfort and fond memories when placed on a headstone.

Etching a gravestone inscription is a highly skilled art. There is absolutely no room for error, and the precision work must not take away from the integrity and ability of the headstone to stand with little or no maintenance required for many years. It is for this reason that UK Memorial Service enlist the services of only the finest Masons working in the country today. Their work is guaranteed to be not only of the highest standard possible, but also to be lasting and enduring.

In showing their commitment to the importance of gravestone inscriptions - and as a gesture of comfort and condolence - UK Memorial Service provide the first 100 characters on one of their headstones free of any charge. This is an unequalled gesture and is aimed purely at helping people cope with the cost of a dignified funeral and burial in the UK today.

Gravestone inscriptions allow the details of the deceased to be seen and remembered for many, many years. UK Memorial Service understand the importance of this and deliver the finest service levels possible in order to ensure perfection.

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Feb 11, 2015