Attorney Mario Madrid provides free initial consultation for federal criminal defense

Attorney Mario Madrid is a federal criminal defense lawyer in Houston. His law firm specializes in representing clients accused of federal crimes.

The United States of America, 01 August, 2014: There has been rapid increase in federal crimes witnessed in America in recent times. There are multiple classifications of crime and each is dealt with different level of intensity in the court of law. In the United States, federal crimes are, by far, the most serious crimes and are dealt with utmost strictness. That is why a Houston federal criminal defense lawyer is needed to represent the person charged with any federal crime. The residents of Texas in general and Houston in particular can seek assistance from the law firm of attorney Mario Madrid.

Federal cases are dealt differently and the procedures demand experience. Federal criminal cases usually attract more severe penalties in comparison to state cases. The federal sentencing guidelines empower the government to a great extent. The government usually conducts lengthy investigation before it seeks indictment. A grand jury first hears the case and provides an opportunity to the government to get an idea of how the specific criminal case may be received by the jury. Therefore, an advice to follow when searching for a lawyer for federal criminal cases is to search for experienced attorneys. Notably, since the government gets a preview before the trial, it has opportunity to well organize its presentation of evidence before the trial. There are various reasons that together make federal cases extremely difficult to be won.

Attorney Madrid is an experienced and aggressive federal criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles and has his own law agency too. He has represented his clients in federal crimes such as child pornography, Internet crimes, bank robbery, white collar crimes, identity theft, bank fraud, tax fraud, SEC, security frauds mail frauds, wire frauds, RICO cases, Federal drug manufacturing and more. His firm has expert lawyers who specialize in representing different federal criminal cases. The ample diversity allows people to choose expert attorneys in the domain such as a bank fraud lawyer in Houston for criminal cases involving a bank and/or banking system.

Advocate Madrid helps employs his experience as an Assistant DA to prepare the best federal criminal defense case for his clients. He and his lawyers associated with his law firm fight aggressively to protect the rights of their clients. Only a good federal criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles can protect prevent detention and arrest, which are the first of tactics of the investigating agencies. Until the matter is discussed with an advocate, the accused can refuse to answer to any investigating officer of any agency.

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Mario Madrid is a Houston federal criminal defense attorney based in Houston, Texas. He specializes in representing clients accused of federal crimes and has experience of more than 18 years in federal criminal defense. His firm has specialist lawyers in different domains and offers initial consultation for free.

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Attorney Mario Madrid is a federal criminal defense lawyer in Houston. His law firm specializes in representing clients accused of federal crimes.

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