Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine Provides Pain Relief Options For Whiplash Sufferers

Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine provides the assurance of whiplash injury relief through natural remedies. No pharmaceuticals are involved in the therapy.

Austin TX, 26-FEBRUARY-2015 - Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine and Dr. Jeff Fluitt DC are pleased to announce that whiplash pain can be alleviated using the natural and non-invasive methods offered by the professionals at the clinic. The Austin chiropractor has the knowledge and experience to identify the area of injury and design a care program which will speed recovery from the injury. Because of the nature of whiplash injuries, the pain may not arise immediately, but the therapy should begin as soon as possible.

Scheduling a consultation with the doctor soon after the accident will allow him to identify the exact location of the injury and identify the best course of action to prevent or alleviate pain. With a whiplash, beginning the therapy within a few hours after the injury may result in avoidance of much of the pain.

Whiplash injuries are most often the result of an automobile accident, but can also be caused by a fall. The head moves beyond the normal range of motion. The soft tissues in the neck and shoulders may be torn or irritated. Relief of the pain through enhanced circulation in the area is a major therapy offered by the doctor.

Circulation will bring fresh and oxygenated blood to the damaged tissues. The circulatory system that is functioning correctly will get rid of toxins and damaged cells in a natural process. Chiropractics doesn't use pain killers, since it is known that they can cause unwanted side effects in the internal organs. They may also lose their ability to mask pain if used over long periods.

Learn more about relief from whiplash injuries by going to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have additional questions regarding the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Fluitt at the address provided below.

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Feb 25, 2015

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