Banks Leveraging Voice Biometrics To Fight Fraud

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Voice Biometrics Group
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ACH Alert deploys voice biometrics technology from Voice Biometrics Group to protect bank wire transfers as part of a multi-factor authentication suite.

As the financial industry increasingly shifts to digital banking, banks are turning to the latest in technology to fight sophisticated and determined hackers. ACH Alert ( announced a suite of monitoring and prevention products incorporating voice biometrics for banks and credit unions in April 2016 that is now in production with live customers. Bio-Wire, one of the core capabilities in the suite that employs voice biometrics as an additional factor to protect wire transfers, combats vulnerabilities due to corporate account takeover and Business Email Compromise (BEC).

ACH Alert chose Voice Biometrics Group ( as the underlying voice biometrics technology for Bio-Wire. ACH Alert is using Voice Biometrics Group’s RandomPIN™ ( method for voice authentication. According to John Amein, President of Voice Biometrics Group, “Voice Biometrics Group specifically developed RandomPIN™ to provide a stronger defense against recorded playback attacks compared to the more commonly known passphrase voice biometric. Static passphrases often require separate liveness testing to ensure stronger security, which leaves open another few percentage points of vulnerability to impostors. As a result, nearly 80% of our customers choose RandomPIN™ for voice authentication, even with non-banking applications.”

ACH Alert sees the application of voice biometrics as still in the early stages. “ACH Alert monitored $80B in transactions last year and prevented $615M in fraudulent transactions in 2015. As more banks adopt our Bio-Wire product in addition to the other products in our integrated suite, we expect those numbers to rise significantly,” said Debbie Peace, CEO of ACH Alert. Added Peace, “Voice biometrics has become a key component in our multi-factor solution. We are extremely pleased with the technology and support from Voice Biometrics Group.”

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Voice Biometrics Group delivers voice biometrics technology either as a cloud service or as an on-premises deployment for the purposes of authenticating or identifying a person over an audio channel such as telephone or mobile device.  Voice Biometrics Group has over 35 deployed languages and multiple use cases, including static passphrases, random digits, and free conversational speech.  Read more about multi-factor authentication, mobile applications of voice biometrics, and live customer deployments at

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Voice Biometrics software deployed as a Cloud Service or On-Premises for the purposes of authentication or identification of a person over the phone or other audio channel.

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Nov 15, 2016