BASE Jumping Bridge: You Will Remember This Forever

If you think you are ready for Free BASE jumping, BASE Tandem specializes in Extreme Sports BASE Jumping and is the only place to experience your First Parachute Jump and Free BASE Jump.

Adventures sports are the rising stars in the adrenaline junkie business, providing near life moments with terrifying clarity and the high of your body’ hormones shooting out of their glands, making you super excited if you like that sort of thing.


Know about the risk before you leap

Despite the plentiful movies that might suggest otherwise, BASE jump Idaho is extremely dangerous. The chances of you ending up a bloody smudge on some rock or the pavement are hardly desirable unless you are the Kobain type. Before you begin doing this, you need to know certain things in order to enhance your BASE jumping bridge.

You need a lot of expertise and practice, and skydiving is the perfect learning medium. Most people with BASE jumping experienceusually performaround 100 skydiving jumps before attempting a BASE jump, that too with a seasoned jumper constantly mentoring to perfect the necessary skills for a safe jump. Do not attempt this without being informed, trained, seasoned, and fully insured.

BASE is essentially a diversification of skydiving in which the jumpers use ram-air parachutes nowadays, due to researched rejection of round air parachutes being unsuitable at low altitude jumps. Ram-air chute gives you greater control in controlling your direction as wellas speed once deployed. However, due to the difference in attitudes between the two jumps, BASE jump parachute has further modifications made to ensure manoeuvrability and control.

The major challenge based by the BASE jumpers is to defeat two main obstacles: the proximity of theobject, and low altitude. Skydivers have enough time to safely adjust their relative position before deploying the chutes as well as added security with backs up chutes and the time to pull the plug is available.


Popular venues to BASE jump

Most of the BASE jump Twin Falls range below 2,000 ft. in height. However, the sites at El Capitan and the other popular jumping venues in Venezuela scale around 3,000 ft. if you are looking to jump off a tall building of antenna, which gives you even lesser time to deploy your chute and control your descent.


How to get ready to jump?

Some basic alterations to your regular skydiving kit can remedy the situation.Most jumpers opt for a larger pilot chute, which can capturelarger amounts of air, creatinga larger drag and helping the main chutes to open quicker. It also makes up for the velocity deficit that generates the drag with the atmosphere, giving you a better chance of not falling splat on the cold, hard ground.

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If you really want to do a skydive and a Parachute Jump, Tandem BASE takes all precautions to provide the safest environment possible within the realm of BASE Jumping in Twin Falls Idaho.

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Sep 06, 2017