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The growth of 3d printing services has been catastrophic from the very inception. The propensity of growth has escalated further as such services find relevance in a variety of industry and service verticals across the industry.

With a humble requirement in the manufacturing vertical alone, 3d printing services today are massively used in marketing and promotion as well. Research shows that marketing using three-dimensional promotional materials is much more effective than using other promotional techniques. This is because customers readily understand the product offering and the level of attention and attraction towards such promotional materials are way higher than any other type of promotional technique.

It is important to understand the 3d printing services industry before employing it to generate sales revenue for the company. 3d printing services are also known as Additive Manufacturing Technology. As the name suggests, thin layers of materials are added successively to create a three-dimensional model of the final product layout. The creation of this three-dimensional model of the actual product involves high precision and is usually done by employing high-end digital technology such as Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Various processes are used in 3d printing services industries such as fused deposition modeling (FDM), direct metal laser sintering, selective laser sintering, laminated object manufacturing, Electron beam melting, and stereo lithography. Of these, FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling finds a special mention. This technology is used mostly for the purpose of modeling, prototyping, and production of 3d products. Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM is the process of additive manufacturing or 3d printing, which uses the technology of laying down materials in layers. In the case of FDM, metal wires or plastic filament are usually unwound from a coil to supply the materials which are laid down in layers to create a part of the product.

Rapid Prototyping Services are widely used in 3d printing services. Rapid Prototyping is a conglomerate of the techniques which is used to fabricate and prepare a scale model of the physical part of the end product or assembly of the various parts of the end product. Rapid Prototyping is usually done by using the three-dimensional computer-aided design or CAD data. Rapid Prototyping is used in various industries and segments of these industries such as software engineering, automotive spare parts production, among others.

Various companies across India are actively involved in providing Fused Deposition Modeling or FDM 3d printing services and Rapid Prototyping Services. Usually, these companies customize their services based on the requirements of the customers. However, customers need to be careful about the companies they choose to work with. They should approach the businesses that provide massive experience in the field and where quality is the priority for them. Makein3d is one such company which can be relied upon by their clients. With various positive customer testimonials in their favour, you can be rest assured to get the best services to suit your requirements.

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Apr 26, 2017