Better Roads And Drives Offer A Creative Approach Towards Driveway Sealcoating

Better Roads And Drives helps both home and business owners in Long Island with their driveway maintenance needs.

Long Island, NY, 12TH Dec, 2016 - Having your driveway sealed properly can save you money and  scuffle down the line, and enhance the overall look of your property. Your driveway is the first thing people notice when they drive past or house, and having the appropriate seal finish aids you to put your best foot forward.

You need to look for a sealcoating professional, particularly in Long Island, where the season change can cause pretty serve impact on asphalt and cause its top layer to loosen, break and chip.

“It’s essential to seal coat your your driveway professionally twice yearly. By considering this preventative maintenance measure, you’re actually safeguarding your investment from the harmful ultra violet rays from the sun and hazardous weather elements that breakdown and wear out your driveway. Generally one application during the early spring, and another in the late Fall will add more years to the lifespan of your driveway. A decently sealed driveway will last longer, be easier to maintain, look better and enhance the curb appeal of your home or business” said a spokesperson of Better Roads And Drives.

Our firm has been assisting residents of Long Island, NY sealcoat, repair and cure their driveways from many years. Our Pavement sealers are applied with pressurized spray tool and squeegeed into the surface to even out the sealant cross the asphalt. The procedure is usually a two coat application which needs 24-48 hours of curing prior to any vehicles can contact the surface. We’ve years of experience in various disciplines of driveway seal coating methods. From plain asphalt based sealing to velvetop seal coating, we can cater you with more than asphalt sealing solutions for your home driveway or parking lot.

With a freshly applied sealcoat, your driveway will have a rich dark black texture and will enhance the look of the old and new asphalt to make it look brand new. It’s called sealcoat for a good reason. The asphalt will be a completely non porous surface that’ll assist dirt & debris wash away easily while not allowing chemicals such as gas and oil seeps through the pavement. Furthermore, sealcoat can be great to have throughout the winter months as it stops water from leaking into your asphalt and cooling, causing cracks & holes.

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Better Roads And Drives is one of the licensed, insured and successful asphalt paving companies in Long Island serving throughout NYC including Suffolk county! For driveway Sealcoating In Long Island, contact us now!

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Dec 12, 2016